The funny thing is that i never believed in superstition however lately i am beginning to see some strong correlation between the watch I’m wearing and the kind of day I’m having. So i decided to test it out, yesterday i wore one my favorite watches which was alright, the day went well it wasn’t all that good but it was bearable. The day before that i had worn a new watch, and the day was literally SHIT! so i decided to go back o basics, the watch i wore for the longest run of happy faces and good fortunes, i guess the real test is tomorrow if this thing works or is a total fluke.

Have you watched Wall Street 2? what did you think?
Personally i think the first version was 1,000 times better. I guess in all of the sequels every made it’s true that the first is always the best, off course except for the legendary movie The God Father which in my, and many friends’, opinions the second one was way better than the first.


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32 Degrees & Counting

At around 6 pm i decided to go walking in Mishref in hopes of getting my foot back into shape, Miami injury hasn’t gone away still, and to kill time whilst off course loosing some weight. It seems like the weather may be cooling off and i look forward to the weekend drive with the windows down and the sound of the exhausts like music to my ears.

I can’t put my hands on weather i do or do not like riding a bike, i know a Vespa is hardly a “bike” but the feeling is great at times and really scary at other times. Especially when the old lady, offcourse met7ajba, in the green maxima decided to treat me on my 125cc Vespa like i was a Hummer and was literally going to crash her Japanese automobile into me.

It’s getting boring again, life’s filled with the same old routine minus the random phone call from friends. It’s 9ish i’m tired, bored, don’t want to do the same stuff again, i think i’ll resort to sleep and look forward to the place where i truly find happiness here in K-Town, the trading desk at NBK Capital. I’ll see you tomorrow.


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Getting old.

Hello friends,


I have written in a while, so i decided that i’ll renew this site to in hopes that in sharing how i feel/experience it may motivate me to get back in touch with so many wonderful friends that i haven’t been in touch for a while and maybe get back into shape from my good old day (20 kilos later sort of speak)


good night, and lots of nagging, *itching, and stories to come.




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1st Ramadan Walk

Thank you all for showing up I had an amazing time.




This is a message to you my hero, words can’t describe how proud i am of you. I can only see myself using your courage to get back on track and hopefully finish my dream run at Beirut Marathon next year. You look marvelous &  i am tremendously proud of your courage, success, and happiness and can only wish you the best going forward, you are the reason why there was, is and will alwys be a Six-K Club.

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Ramadan Walk.

Dear Club Members,

Well, here i am asking you to again re-start the magic that we all started  and love while it lasted. The Six-K Club has been put on pause for quiet some time, and i think the time has come for us to meet up again and go for a nice walk together. I would like to start off by wishing everyone and happy Ramadan & Eidkom Mbarak! I have proposed the following for the month of Ramadan (the few weeks left of it at least) – all  walks from now on will be announced 3 to 4 days before and members will recieve emails + the website will be updated (we will not have a schedule due to work commitments etc… )

Saturday –  September 13, 2008
Location – Salwa Hall Parking Lott – Gulf Road.
Time – 4:00 (meet & greet) 4:30 walk starts.


I miss you all and hope to see you all there.
we are going to give out free bracelets please be there.


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Baby Ella

Thank you for your dontation, the funds were sent over to Celine & Lyndon’s Ella fund. I love you all.

Here’s Ella’s site,

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Ella – Update

I just heard excellent news from my friend Elliot ! the results from Ella’s CT Scan are back, the cancer on her lungs is 100% gone and the tumor on her liver has shrunk 50% ! Thank you for all of those of you who have prayed for her, let’s keep on saying our prayer until she goes back home to here parents and her beautiful baby sister Maya (who Celine needs to send me pictures off) soon.

Thank you all who made donations, i have sent the money to the U.S. it was close to 3,000 US Dollars raised! which is amazing. Thank you all for everything.

Love Jasem.
Ps* The Six-K Club will be back VERY SOON, i hope you are all ready.

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