Invasion of the cresent

Facing the oceann505111821_22943_8107.jpgn505111821_22940_8985.jpgcimg0418.JPGcimg0408.JPGcimg0404.JPGNoor, Ali, Amer, Sara


Marina Cresent was invaded today. It was the Best!

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12 Responses to Invasion of the cresent

  1. Yazeed:
    You should join us 😉

  2. Yazeed says:

    when i come back to kuwait i will 😛
    one of my good good friends is with you guys,
    inshallah when i come back, i’ll see u guys ;P

  3. Yazeed:

    Bil salamah inshalla … 🙂

  4. Saud Al-Rayes says:

    yeah man u have to join!!

  5. Amer says:

    Great pics 🙂 Great website. DO u like my pic with me holding up the 6K card to the sky?

  6. Amer:

    It’s one of my favorites buddy 😛

  7. bored says:

    yala congrats 3ala el new webbi o enshala more success’s to come 🙂

  8. Bored:

    Thanks a million ..

  9. Maze says:

    I’m speechless and feeling guilty that i was supposed to join u guys from the beginning….anyway i’m not late right?….btw the header is sooo nice!!

  10. Maze says:

    All kuwait should be invaded by 6K…:)

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