March 1, 2007 – Black & White




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17 Responses to March 1, 2007 – Black & White

  1. Amer says:

    great set 🙂

  2. sam says:

    Hi Jassem how r u?? I have an idea for the 6K… why don’t we run near marina!!!
    I think with this move we can get some people attention….. Then more people will join and join and join…. Or not only marina we can go all around… more people will know about the 6K……and some day the whole world will know about it 😉
    Yaaa one more thing how about you bring another JAR for donation… but this one, what goes in it will go to charity 🙂
    These are some of the ideas…..think about it…. Thanks c u next time

  3. Sam: Marina was the choice most members voted for. We wanted Mishref (some of us did) but majority rules here. We will have ones in mishref i’m thinking of doing two walks every week that alternte. i’ll keep you posted.

    Jar thing – honestly i’m thinking of something like that but in a bigger scale now it’s too soon i need all the cash i could get to print more of those t-shirt marketing and every thing else, but once we get popular i’m thinking red t-shirt to raise money for the aids cause or pink t-shirt for breast cancer, you get the idea right ?

  4. Abdulrazzaq Al-Salem says:

    i agree with sam why dont we run near marina or other places we will get famous and other thing why dont your write the web site n the t-shirts ?

  5. Ali says:

    Great turn out!
    Did y’alls miss me? 😛

  6. Abdulrazzaq: too much info, that’s what the cards are for.

    Ali: We always do buddy, always do.

  7. Abdulrazzaq Al-Salem says:

    ohhh ok 😛

    and Ali everyone asked about you 😛

  8. Saud Al-Rayes says:

    Perfect jay!

  9. Babydoll says:

    bad picture of me up there lol

  10. sam says:

    ooo thats more than great and the T-shirts idea ,,,, you ROCK man… and the cards next time pass them around so we can pass them to the people while we r walking……
    and if we make it three times a week, I think it will be greater 😉 coz if the first day some cant do it the next day they will, or the next , so every body will get the chanse to do it and come. MOREOVER, more people will notice…

    ALI we miss you man hope to see you next time 🙂
    ………….man I love you guys…………….

  11. sam says:

    yaa one more thing if you need help we are here Do0d 😉
    its a totally great START to make the world a better place
    peace yo

  12. Moe says:

    Hey guys! I wanted to join you on Friday but unfortunately it got cancelled 😦 HOPEFULLY next time I’ll be able to join you! It seems like you had so much fun!

  13. Bader S. says:

    Nice 🙂

  14. Moe: Don’t worry there’s always a next time.

    Sam: who on earth are you? 😛 hehehe so curious.

  15. sam says:

    I’m someone who want to change the world 😉
    so now it will be Monday, Thursday, Friday 🙂

  16. Angelo says:

    OK if that wasn’t inspiring I don’t know what is 🙂

    I’ll make sure to join with you guys once I come back to Kuwait especially since I lost lots of weight while studying abroad, so I’m kinda afraid that I’m gonna get it all back once I graduate and return to Kuwait with all…a7em…the food.

    I’ll make sure to tell my coz about you guys…she’s a runner so she will love this ^_^

  17. Angelo: no, Thank YOU 🙂

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