Monday March 5, 2007 – Mishref In The Dark …




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12 Responses to Monday March 5, 2007 – Mishref In The Dark …

  1. Abdulrazzaq Al-Salem says:

    its was too much fun today and a lil bit dark 😛

    bs lesh shway 9war ? 😛

  2. Fawaz Al-Fares says:

    it was fun! 🙂
    loool, i look funny 😛

  3. Abdulla Al-Salem says:

    hey guys, its was absoulotli fun tonight ! .. & my first day too =)
    sooo keep it up

  4. Abdulrazzaq: yeah shway 9war today because it kinda sucked taking pictures in the dark my camera didn’t do too well, i had to delete alot of pictures that were just not clear. (sorry)

    Fawaz: 😀 thanks for coming.

    Abdulla: We will, thanks for coming.

  5. Dawn Fairy says:

    i was there today but didnt join you, check my blog.
    god bless you for you club i really liked the idea.

  6. Mohammed Alwugayan says:

    Hi guys, it was fun today, I really liked it, so friendly people! hope to do it again with you 😉

  7. not available says:

    hi ;p ..
    “no comments” b9ara7a mashroo3 3ajeeb !! bs m7ammed liwgayan mashalla 7addik zoooo’3a ;D

  8. sam says:

    yaaa…its too fun today 🙂
    So Six K, next time it will be on the beach walking on the sand 😉 it will be great we can mix it up half the way on the sand and the next half where ever get itno marina :p or go to the street……

  9. Dawn: Thanks for coming and writing about us ! you rock.

    Mohammed: I hope to see you again ! it was fun.

    Not: all i can say is 😀

    Sam: Hehehehe “yabeela”

  10. Shimo says:

    it was lettel hard in the first but it was cool 🙂 i really like it
    but why its not daily it will be better !!
    nice idea Gasem thanx

  11. Sarah Al-Yahya says:

    ana lazim at3araf 3alaikom all .. the new ppl .. ma3arefkom 😛

  12. Shimo: Dude !! Gassem ? i know your Egyptian but i’m Jasem damit ! heheheh 😛 just kidding homie.

    Sara: exactley my point a rock star!

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