Thank you is not enough


I wanted to take the time to thank the following:

 Haya: For helping me design this website and keep on maintaining it with me to this very day. I believe this website has really allowed us to grow exponentially and without you off-course, that would not have been possible. Thank you thank you and thank you !

Shahad: For designing the cards, t-shirts, banners and much more, and all of that for zero Kuwaiti Dinars. Your creativity and generosity are un-matched. Thank you SO SO SO much.

 Antoine: For being always within arms reach for advice, quick use of photo-shop, for being the genius that you are, you are “the” man. Thank you for our wonderful Logo .. you keep on amazing me.

Sara: For always having a smile on her face and never missing a meet ! you really ROCK!

Saud: Hehehe what can i say buddy, your my project, so far lost what 8 K? Let’s go all the way. I’ll see you at the finish line.

Calvin: Water boy, t-shirt boy, sticker man, sometimes i think you are super man ! “ya36eek il 3afya” buddy seriously man, alot wouldn’t have been nearly possible without you. I know i give you a ton a *hit, but you know i mean well. Thank homie.

Lastly ..

THANK YOU for all you guys, every member, every supporter, every person with a kind word, every one with a CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, i truly cannot thank you enough. Thank you for allowing yourself to take the “first” step, thank you for leading always and never following, thank you for being friendly, supportive and always helpful. I can sit here and thank you guys forever and it never do justice. Love you.

All the best,


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47 Responses to Thank you is not enough

  1. Abdulrazzaq Al-Salem says:

    and thank you Jassem for 6K club 😛

  2. Calvin A says:

    Always there homie ……………… its the least i can do !! ……. Besides …..all the people i met are great …..hope we all grow together individually and as a group…….we started as 12 and now look at us ….the number of members grow ,everytime we meet …………as for superman …… a far cry from it …………! GO 6K !

  3. Saud Al-Rayes says:

    haha thank you!! dont worry i can see u at the other side 😉

  4. Saud Al-Rayes says:

    haha thank you!! dont worry i can see u at the other side, and iam COMING!! 😉

  5. Saud: I’ll be waiting with a water bottle and a table and a High Five ! 😛

  6. LayDee says:

    water boy!!!hehehehe…

  7. LayDee: I’ll whoooop Yo ASS girl 😛 hehehe

  8. Abdulrazzaq Al-Salem says:

    one more thing Calvin he’s more than that .. he’s a brother of all the members 😉

  9. Abdulrazzaq: Yup he is.

  10. Antoine says:

    Hey JAsem A VOTRE SERVICE anytime…….

  11. Calvin A says:

    AbdulRazzaq : brothers from other mothers …….thanks man !

  12. Antoine: Habeeeeb Albi Inta !

    Calvin: For the last time man you are not from Brooklyn NYC nor from South Central L.A. Do i need to remind you where your really from? Australia? 😛 hehehe

  13. Calvin A says:

    Im from BAYAN KWT …………………… ANd now i Live in South Central Salwa. hehehehe ……….Armenia man !!

  14. LayDee says:

    hehe…be nice Jassem!!
    Calvin aka Pani wala..:p

  15. Fawaz Al-Fares says:

    Thank YOU all for making this possible 🙂
    great people, great times.

  16. Mohammed Alwugayan says:

    And thank you for give us faith and let us try a new adventure with new friendly faces! to the journey of losing wieght and getting in shape

  17. Haya says:


    You are so welcome darling 🙂
    By far we should be the ones thanking you for all your support and fab vision.

    I’ll keep laying ideas out for you so you can keep saying “It’s good, but no”, then I can reply by saying “you should listen to me more often, does website ring a bell” 😛

    I’ll try to help you keep the 6K virtual home in top notch condition J.. and maybe add a few new features soon (am I pushing it ?):P

    Thanks for everything..

    I ran 4.5 K out of the 6K we did yesterday 😉

  18. Saud Al-Rayes says:

    haha ok :p but out of curiosity why the TABLE??

  19. Sam says:

    Dont thank us man all the thanks goes to YOU 😉 ….. its really great that I mutt you guys….. Jassem we will be with you to the end…. but I dont think that there will be an end 😉 …… the end is when we get over the world heheh 🙂
    thank you man…. love you 2

  20. Fawaz: Thanks for coming, it was great chatting with you! hope you can make it again …

    Mohammed: It’s the least i can do, someones gotta do somehing i hear Kuwait is the 8th fatest country in the world. enough is enough.

    Haya: no your not pushing it, i won’t alow it remember j.z. still got his ego in tact hehehe just kidding hon, offocurse you can always lay down your ideas 🙂 i’ll always listen. As far as running GOOD GOOD GOOD GOOD JOB! :d

    Saud: what in the world are you talking about ?

    Sam: Your so welcome, running together yesterday was great !! next timei hope we could do that in the Lebanon marathon 😉 … 6k will be EVERYWHERE.

  21. Saud Al-Rayes says:

    lol i dont know!! i said u’ll be waiting with a bottle of water and a table and a high five!?? table for what? :p

  22. Fawaz Al-Fares says:

    persistence IS the key 🙂
    6k rocks! 😀

  23. Saud: I did ? hehhe typo 7ada !

    Fawaz: Gratzi !

  24. Maze says:

    Without your efforts Jassim this wouldn’t have happened…u really inspired everyone by your achievements…although I only joined once but I felt the happiness and kindness of the members….and most of all you….i really miss u guys!! enshalla i’ll be in this week…Mama is here these days so i’m giving her all my time…bes hopefully i’ll be able to join this week…

    There’s always a great mind behind big achievements…and ur the great mind!!

    Allah ya3teek al3fyah ya rab….

  25. Maze: truly speechless … thanks so much ! salimly 3al mama.

  26. reem says:

    Jassim ur jus gr8, Go on, every one loves u. Million thanks to the beautiful spirit uve got. 6k was a far away dream, that u made true.

    I mised Mishref , night and dark an i get lost almost every where in kuwait:) hope i can make it to the next one.

  27. Sarah Al-Yahya says:

    LOOl OMG ur soo sweeet !!!:P

  28. Saud Al-Rayes says:

    lool ok khoosh typo :p

  29. sam says:

    so MR. jassem I have an idea how about voting to make the walk in Sat,Mon,Wen,Thuer, and Fri 😉

  30. Reem: You are gr8 walla and so is everyone else here! thanks for the kind words, do you need 😛

    Sarah: 😉 anytime hon.

    Saud: 😀 .. weekend plans?

    Sam: Heeh i wish we could do that !

  31. Shahad Bishara says:


    Thank you for giving the opportunity to showcase my design talents! Cant wait to do MORE and MORE!!! U still owe me a lunch :p hahahah mwa walla u deserve this and so much more..

    6K is lookin hot!

    Ur puerto rican boricua,

  32. Shahad: ahahhahaha oh shut up you owe me a lunch !! “fil fil” mako fayda ! heheheh …

    next deisgn better include bernie 😉 love that dog.

  33. Sarah Al-Yahya says:

    Sara: For always having a smile on her face and never missing a meet ! you really ROCK!

    !! hahaha i rock !!:P

  34. sam says:

    so there will be a walk tmw ??????

  35. sam says:

    yaa on more thing plz i want a white sticker and i guess i will take now t-shirts do0od how on earth r you washing your t-shirts im losing colours…… enshalh there will be a walk tmw

  36. Saud Al-Rayes says:

    haha maybe friday! iam off to OUR resort, u know what i mean!! the special place!! yala tc and dont walk this week :p

  37. Sam & Saud: Guys to be quiet honest it’s not looking good this week ! The weather is in question, alot of dust headed our way. Plus I have some personal business to attend too, I”M really sorry 😦 .. but in true Jasem fashion i will make it up to you guys, each and every one, my promise.

    -J Zilla.

  38. Saud Al-Rayes says:

    Good to know :p have fun!

  39. Abdulrazzaq Al-Salem says:

    so no walk this weekend ?

  40. sam says:

    its ok man always next time 🙂

  41. Abdulrazzaq: No and i really hate saying No to you guys, but we’ll make it up next week for sure !!

  42. Sam says:

    Do0o0od are you going to join NBK walkathon……. I dont want to go alon if any body going let me know

  43. Sam: Dude i am going to the NBK walkathon. One thing to mention though, we WILL NOT be going as the six-k club, because NBK requires that you wear an NBK t-shirt, plus we want to show support rather than take away from the day and what it stands for. I think we should all be there, whoever can make it, i’ll put up a post in a few days about the event i still think we should all meet up in one place and stick togher as a group 😀

  44. Babydoll says:


    All i can say is that without you — i would have never walked a 6k!! Your story was motivating and your idea was a dream that became true.. the real “THANKS” goes to youuu and keep it up!!! all the best bro xx

    Calvin: Thanks for being such a caring person… ur great! The brother of all the 6k members inta… r u holding the camera right now too ? hehe!!!

    lots of love to all of you organizers, founders and ofcourse the members!
    keep it up –
    ALWAYS 6K!!!!
    Hugs xxx

  45. Babydoll says:

    hahahahaha… OMG REEM! when were u NOT lost btw???

    have fun in SHARM! and pleaaaaaasee dont come back white!!

    mwah mwah! say hiiii to NORHAN! :*

  46. Babydoll: Thank you thank you !!

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