What a sunset !






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37 Responses to What a sunset !

  1. Fawaz Al Shammari says:

    Hehehe .. had so much fun today ! It was nice to finally meet you guys ! 😀 .. Until next time,Take care !

  2. Fawaz A. Al-Fares says:

    Heeeeeeey! Fweeeeeeeez! Lookin’ good 😀

  3. Fawaz: It was nice meeting you too buddy! see you next time inshalla!!

  4. sam says:

    walah weeee ROCK 😉

  5. Nouri says:

    guys am kinda shy so show up. how can i beat that ???

  6. Mohammed Alwugayan says:

    It was kinda fun today, oo nice weather really amazing, i got some pics jasem, ill send them when u log on msn enshala.

    nouri: Well you don’t have to be, there are girls you can introduce ur self to them , just show up and they’ll do everything else, wala i showed up oo they talked to me gave me tshirt, sticker oo they are so friendly! hope u show up next time.

  7. Sarah Al-Yahya says:

    YO had a blast ilyoom !:P

  8. Iona says:

    thanks for another great walk! wish i hadn’t had to leave early, that sunset was so amazing though 🙂

  9. A.K says:

    merci alot 3ala ilyoom 😉 walla i had fun .. it was cool ilyoom 7adda 😛 !!

  10. Abdulrazzaq Al-Salem says:

    heey guys .. it was great today and a lot of fun .. see you next time

  11. muneera says:

    had fun today! nice pics! and i walked kila today to gululululish to me! ;p

  12. FAJER.B says:

    Hi everyone:> it was so nice meeting you guys;> 7ada kan wanasa today walla o enshalla el group ezeed 3ashan e9eer awnasa alla ya36ena el 3afya o 3asana 3al gowa:P

  13. Everyone: your amazing, seriously. I couldn’t have asked for a better friday ! love you all :*

  14. Abdulla Al-Salem says:

    Hii all…the weather was soooooo cooool…m3aney t25rt elyoom wayed bs enshallah elmara elyaya akoon awalkom ;)..take care all

  15. Noor Jafar says:

    Second walk I miss in a row 😦

  16. Noor: Don’t your worry chica we always keep a place for our girl noonie. 😛

  17. sam says:

    love you 2 man…… there was a guy with a camera he toke the photos for the sunset…. fashlah I forgot his name :s …. I would like to have them 🙂 if its possible

  18. Noor Jafar says:

    Awww :$

  19. Abdulrazzaq says:

    sam : his name is mohammed i think 😛

  20. Sam: like the pics?

    Noor: You better show up next time.

    Abdulrazzaq: Mohammed Al Wogayan 😀

  21. Nouri says:

    guys to clear the missunderstanding my name is Nouri (as A boy ) cuz i felt that some of you lovely guys n girls thoght that am a girl 😛

  22. Mohammed Alwugayan says:

    hala nouri , sorry for the misunderstanding, bas still as i told u , nothing changed 😉 fe wayed guys there if u wana talk to , just show up , jasem is very friendly to me when i came !

    and thanks for posting the pics 😀

  23. Fawaz Al Shammari says:

    Again,had a blast ! Can’t wait for the next run ! oo teslam eedik 7amood ;D .. el pics el 9ara7a breath-taking !

  24. Mohammed: my pleasure, thanks for taking the pics

  25. FaJooRa says:

    hey guys, my first time was yesterday with you , and it was fun walla , nice group, weather and lovely sunset, the pics are amazing. and thanks for the T’s i’ll wear it next time enshalla.. cyaa guys 😉

  26. Fajer: your most welcome wallah ! i hope to see you next time !

  27. AnA;) says:

    I Saw Jassim today tryin to print some new stuff … u doing a great job man…khalaaaa9 i decided to join ya inshallah soon 🙂

  28. AnA: Inshalla we’ll see you next time, it was great meeting you man.

  29. sam says:

    man I like the photos… its just great… what a view…… do0o0d mohammad what a nice photos you toke 🙂
    I thing I need a camera like yours 😉

  30. sam says:

    think not thing……. sorry

  31. sam says:

    hey abdulrazzaq how r u???? plz can you tell me the site about the music????

  32. Mohammed Alwugayan says:

    Thanks sam hehe im so flatterd , hehe yaa dont be shy next time oo ask me about anything, btw ;p i dont think i’ve met you, did i?

  33. Sarah Al-Yahya says:

    Fajoora is Adorable 😛

  34. Abdulrazzaq says:

    sam : if i come tomorrow to AUK i will tell you about the site 🙂

  35. FaJooRa says:

    Sarah Al-Yahya : do u mean me? :$ hehehe i don’t know if i met you but thanks 😀

  36. princess reem says:

    hii … i realy need to join u .. shloon 😛 ?

    plz if u will go again enshallah send me an email (reema_a_reema@ho..)

    thanks 😉

    Princess: you should send a blank email to the6kclub@gmail.com 😀 thanks hon.

  37. princess reem says:

    by the wayy ana mohammad al_wugayan small sis 🙂

    Princess: wini3im feeech o feee 😀

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