On Sale …



These t-shirts are being printed as we speak !

Were going to sell them for 2 KD each, something nominal to keep us going and growing! I will ALWAYS give away free t-shirts the black ones and the white version (blank front) to new members and exsisting memebers who need them but these t-shirts will be like a special edition, you might wanna wear them out or even to the gym. We will sell of special edition t-shirts every once in a while, to keep it “cool”.

 I hope you like the idea.

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27 Responses to On Sale …

  1. Sarah Al-Yahya says:

    jasem we love the idea !

  2. your Father says:

    looks very nice .I want to order 5 to give to people here in Abu Dhabi.

  3. Dad: Just tell me what sizes you like, and offcourse i’m selling them to you at 200 KD a piece 🙂 hehehe .. love you & miss you.

  4. Sarah Al-Yahya says:

    LOOOL cuuuteeeee !!!! ;p u and ur dad lol ;p

  5. Zahed says:

    boool jooz i want 2 bas madri i guess my size is large.

  6. Abdulrazzaq says:

    nice idea jassem and i want one 😛 M size plz 😛

  7. Zahed: I’m not doing delivery buddy you better show up on the next run to buy some t-shirts ;P

  8. Maze says:

    Cool idea JZ…what colors are there?

  9. Maze: Only white, for now.

  10. Ali G says:

    I love the idea! Keep two for me! I presume you know my size! Oh and I need one more of the regular white shirts! 😉

  11. Everyone: Please make it to the next meet to have fun and get your hands on one of those t-shirts 😀

  12. Saud Al-Rayes says:

    ok after last nights murder i guess i want the biggest size u have buddy :p

  13. Saud Al-Rayes says:

    oh and tell us what colors?

  14. A.K says:

    ehehe i’ll get 10 of them 1 for me wilbagi 7ag my cousins .. agi9 3alaihom 😀 3ashan iyooon yamshoon ma3aay 😉 !

  15. Mohammed Alwugayan says:

    nice i like the idea, i’d like to buy one!

  16. Nouri says:

    cooool idea i’ll take one L Size & a black one if you have 😛

  17. AnA says:

    Jassim, Get wayed with ya next time so we can buy..;) XL is my Size 😛

  18. Rakan says:


    I want the new white ones and one of the “old” white ones….can you send them to me with your farash…you better say yes i’m ony 10 floors above you;p

  19. Rakan: Send down your “sizable” contribution to the club plus the t-shirt fees o min 3yoon 3yooni 😛 hehehehe love u dip —- 🙂

  20. FaJooRa says:

    of course we like the idea, i’ll get one next time enshalla 🙂

  21. Sherif El Aggan says:

    this is really coooool idea dude, and i have another idea too and i hope u like it,
    what about making a special event t-shirts, every one month???

  22. sam says:

    that`s great man… bring some tmw ans sall them at AUK… ya one more thing dont forget to bring me one black and one white T-shirts size Large ok man….. and bring me one from the co0o0l new ones….. thiy come with white colouer only ??? thanks see you tmw

  23. FaJooRa: Thanks 😀

    Sherif: To be honest already thought about that A VERY LONG TIME but not every month that would be “over doing it” .. i’m thinking red 6k logo for the aids cause or pink logo for the breast cancer cause or green logo for stopping pollution, or a kuwait flag log for February 25 i dunoo something you get the hint, don’t worry bro i’ve got alot in store for The Six-K Club, everything will come in due course.

    Sam: Yeah dude i’ll get you the ones you want hopefully i won’t foget 😛 i tend to forget sometimes 😦 the “cool” ones you would have to get at the walk i’m sorry but it’s gotta be sold at the walk to more people come and those who actually come get first right 😉 only bing fair guys ! 😀

    :* thanks for all the wonderful comments.

  24. Maze says:

    c ya there! tis time for sure!

  25. sam says:

    its ok man that co0o0o0ol

  26. Sherif El Aggan says:

    OK dude…

    every thing will come due course..

    keep it up….

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