Happy 26 – J !

Dear Jasem,


On behalf of The Six-K Club and all it’s members



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17 Responses to Happy 26 – J !

  1. AnA;) says:

    Eee Wallah … HapPy BirThday Again bro..wish ya all the best … Kan Weddy akon m3akom today but my work wel timing..bs never mind inshallah sooooon 🙂

    Ana: Inshalla soon, and thanks for the wish !!

  2. Maze says:

    Happyyyyyy Birthdayyyyyy JZ!!! Wish all the best in life and hope u’ll have a blast!

    Maze: Thanks man for all the kind words. !!

  3. Sarah Al-Yahya says:

    happy birthdaaaaay !!;*

    Sarah: Thanks babes !!!!!

  4. sam says:

    HAaaaaaaaaaaaaaappppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Birthday jasem

  5. Mohammed Alwugayan says:

    happy birthday!!

  6. EGGPLANT says:

    Bungooo ………….. Happy Bday !!!

    Calvin: Love the name, thanks homie.

  7. Ali G says:

    Happy B-day old man!

    Ali: Thanks Nut Job 😀

  8. Rania says:

    I hope all your birthday dreams and wishes come true. Not just a year older, but a year better. A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun. Enjoy the trip.
    Happy Birthday ya JAGAL enta!!!!!!!!

    Rania: Sho hal ash3ar. Thanks babe!

  9. FZ says:

    Happy Birthday Ya man @>-,-

    Zagoor: Thanks homie! 3indick bizir?

  10. Saud Al-Rayes says:

    OK!! HaPPy Bday!! AGAIN!!! yala this time u got it in every single way of communication!!! enjoy it!

    Saud: 7abeeeeebi Saud ! thanks man !!

  11. Nouri says:

    happy birth day man wish a life full of happines 🙂

    Nouri: Thanks man!! appreciate it.

  12. Jenan says:

    Happy birthday Jassim! So is there a special birthday run for the birthday boy tonight? ;>

    Jenan: Thanks babe ! we missed you walla!

  13. Abdulrazzaq Al-Salem says:

    happy birthday jassem wo 3o8bal 1000 sena inshalllah

    wo kal 3am wo ent b5er 😀

    Abdulrazzaq: Thanks man your the best walla, good run today.

  14. bored says:

    man oh man we’re getting old ;p

    bored: YOU THINK!

  15. Noor Jafar says:

    Happy Birthday ! 😛 Sorry I’m 23 and a half hours late!!

    Noor: it’s alright babes thank you wala ! mis you haven’t seen u in a while, keep in touch.

  16. asmaa says:

    happy birthday again..
    wish u a long happy healthy life..

    asmaa: Thank you Thank you Thank you 🙂

  17. Dawn Fairy says:

    Happy Birthday…. Again!
    tell how it’s feel to be 26 ? so i can prepare my self for being this old 😛

    Dawn: It doesn’t feel much different! if your single, prepare yourself for the “when are you getting married question”

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