BUY the ‘Kuwait Times’ Page 6.

CLICK TO READ —-> article-full2.JPG


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10 Responses to BUY the ‘Kuwait Times’ Page 6.

  1. MuChaCha says:

    Very nicely written!! i loved the article!! Good job 🙂

    MuChaCha: Yes it was, I must say thank you to our friend “Iona Bateman”

  2. Sam says:

    the article is more than great….. YOU are the co0o0olest man 🙂
    A big thanks to you……….

    Sam: Thanks man for the kind words! Take care of that knee so we see you on our next meet!

  3. A.K says:

    il article shay 3ajeeeb ;p .. it gives motivation .. oO thanks 3al kalam ilsan3 😉
    “5airkom wa9il” ;D !

    A.K: Once again i have to thank Iona for the great article, thanks girl !!

  4. Abdulrazzaq Al-Salem says:

    i just bought the newspaper 😀

    lol it’s been a long time since i’ve been in a newspaper 😛

    i loved the article

    thanks Iona and thanks Jassem 😀

    Abdulrazzaq: Let’s all enjoy our “15 minutes of fame” … Hopefully it never ends!

  5. Maze says:

    thumbs up!!!!!!!!

    When’s the casting of Oprah?

    Maze: Keep em’ crossed

  6. Haya says:

    Kudos darling.. wonderful article 🙂

    keep up the great work !

    Haya: i will sweeets i will !

  7. Saud Al-Rayes says:

    NICE NICE 😉 thank u!

    Saud: 😀

  8. Mohammed Al-wugayan says:

    Loved the artical, very amusing! goodjob!

    Mohammed: Iona is to thank ! Iona see you at the 6 K mark!

  9. this only the begining Jasim
    I know in my heart of hearts you will be going places and we will follow your foot steps boss
    so lead the way captin

    Neil: See you at the finish line my friend!

  10. Mohammed Alwugayan says:

    Thanks Iona thats so sweet of you =)

    Mohammed: =)

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