Thursday – NBK Marathon! – UPDATE.


Due to a personal emergency i will not be able to attend the NBK walkathon tomorrow. I hope nobody planning to be present at this wonderful day cancels, the spirit of The Six-K Club doesn’t lay with me alone but with every single one of you. I hope you all show up if you can, wear the t-shirts with pride and show our support for the message that the walkathon is sending tomorrow. I hope to hear from all of you guys how it goes and maybe get to see a few pictures. I want you all to know that it hurts not to be able to enjoy the sun with all of you, i hope you understand. I love you all dearly and we will meet again sometime during next week.


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6 Responses to Thursday – NBK Marathon! – UPDATE.

  1. Abdulrazzaq Al-Salem says:

    we will miss u jassem !!

    and guys who’s going tomorrow ?!

    Abdulrazzaq: Thanks bro.

  2. fahad says:

    i’m going

    fahad: nice, let me know how it went.

  3. Abdulrazzaq Al-Salem says:

    i think eny alwa7ed ely re7t wo lbast ” I AM 6K ” 😛

    Abdulrazzaq: ya36eeek il 3afya ! 1 better than none you rock 😀

  4. I didnt see any of the 6k members there I GUESS THEY BANK WITH BANK OF AMERICA LOL, it was lots of fun under the sun ,not many people should up from the 1500 something who has signed up for the walk/run

    Neil: Glad you had fun buddy ! wish i could have been here with all of you.

  5. fahad says:

    i was there it was fun

    fahad: don’t we all.

  6. Jenan says:

    Ma tshof shar Jassim, i hope its nothing serious! ;(

    Jenan: no thank god it’s not and i hope to see you on our next run.

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