March 24, 2007 – Pictures


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5 Responses to March 24, 2007 – Pictures

  1. Abdulrazzaq Al-Salem says:

    cool pics.. it seems that you guys had alot of fun

    see you guys next time inshallah..

    Abdulrazzaq: we did, inshalla you join us next time.

  2. Saud Al-Rayes says:

    same here!!

    Saud: bathib7ik ana for not coming this time. 😛

  3. MAZE says:

    It was great today! really enjoyed my time…JZ check my blog…

    MAZE: Thanks mazooooz!

  4. Tasnim Saleh says:

    Guys did u stop sending emails announcing the walks? We don’t get e-mails anymore. We can’t join if we don’t know!

    Tansim: No we didn’t! but AUK’s server is blocking us, all AUK addresses aren’t going through you need to re-register w/ another address. 😀

  5. H. says:

    Proud to be a member 😀

    I would also like to thank Maze for introducing to such a community.

    Finally I got to know what does 6K stands for and experience it.

    God Bless.

    H: Thanks for coming, your a great addition to our team ! i hope to see you in our next meet! 😉 spread the word.

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