Watani Family – Great Day at Work :)


watani-3.JPG -English

watani-2.JPG – Arabic

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6 Responses to Watani Family – Great Day at Work :)

  1. Haya says:

    Good Job J 🙂
    (Pun intended :P)

    Haya: Thanks hon 🙂 .. yabeela slim line 😛 i’m soo hungry hehehe

  2. keep it up the good work,Haya I hope your knee is getting better
    Big J your breaking new ground in kuwait within regards to the fitness industry

    Neil: thanks man 😉 i really am enjoying this especially the two (you know who you are) who are on their to our first success stories 😉 amazing ! wanna do coffee soon?

  3. John Doe says:

    Like the whole Kuwait blogging scene, is Club 6K also a construct of the “Culture Project” in Kuwait?

    John: hmmm, i’m confused, officially ! what is the “culture project” ?

  4. name the time and the place and i shall be there, your paying ? lol

    Neil: Yup i’m paying ! or else stay home … hehehe … i’ll let you know soon.

  5. Haya says:

    Neil: I’m doing much better.. so kind of you to ask.. thanks 🙂

    Yum !!

  6. Saud Al-Rayes says:

    good job 😉 nice nice!

    Saud: ;0) did you see your pic?

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