Interview With a Champion

I remember the first time when i saw her it was the first time Six-K had started, a white land cruiser pulled up with a shy girl in it, she came up introduced her self and from that onwards i knew that she was a fighter.

 Sara has lost 10 Kilos so far and is on her way to loosing 15 more (her goal) today we talked

Jasem: How old are you ?

Sara: 21

Jasem: How long have you bee a member of the club?

Sara: ever since it first started, i came to the first walk.

Jasem: how has your lifestyle changed after joining the club?

Sara: I am much more active than i used to be, i now watch what i eat and i’m curious to learn more about food and it’s affect on my body and i am much more outgoing and confident with myself.

Jasem: What do you enjoy most about the club?

Sara: the support i get from the club, the people i get to meet every-time. I enjoy the supportive and accepting atmosphere.

Jasem: How much of your lifestyle change do you attribute to the club?

Sara: i’d have to say 40% i attribute to the club. I cannot’ really put it like that but i’ve always wanted to loose weight and do something about it, the club was the push that i need and support that i need to keep me going.

Jasem: do you plan to stay a member of The Six-K Club even when you do reach your weight loss goal?

Sara: YES !

Sara you are the reason why i started this club you are inspiration to yourself and everyone else i am so so so proud of you, keep up the good work !

Saud your next.

sara-before.jpg                             sara-2.jpg

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15 Responses to Interview With a Champion

  1. H. says:

    Truly a champion.

    H: indeed

  2. Aziz Al Mudhaf says:

    Awwww, I’m so proud of you! You’re the best. 🙂

  3. readmyblog says:

    The remaining 15 will be surprisingly easier.

  4. Maze says:

    keep it up Sara….:) and Jasem we love you u r the inspiration for 6k…and yes you should target Saud this time….:P

    Maze: thanks habibi don’t worry Saud will follow and him and i will RUN the 6 kilometers 😉

  5. I am very proud f you as well Sara, you looking real good soon you will walk to D&G or cavali store and get their jeans and tee,s insted of only eying their jewelary lol keep it up you lok amazing, I was wondering asking myself she is loking slimer and
    thiner every time we meet
    big J youre great bro

    Neil: You rock walla!

  6. Sarah Al-Yahya says:

    owww thaanks u guys :*** :$
    this part is funny -> ( I remember the first time when i saw her it was the first time Six-K had started, a white land cruiser pulled up with a shy girl in it, she came up introduced her self and from that onwards i knew that she was a fighter.) lool ;p

    Sara: it’s true sweets, i remember you walked alone that day ! it takes guts to show up to something like this and be a part and not only walk behind but give it your all i’m so proud of you girl walla keep it up your lookin’ great !

  7. Jenan says:

    You go girl! Keep up the good work!! ;D

  8. Haya says:

    Proud of you Sarah ;***

  9. Saud Al-Rayes says:

    good job good job! jay make that 8kilometers!! ;p

    Saud: That’s the spirit 😉

  10. Wolf says:

    Good for you Sara, Keep it up : )

  11. Your greatest Admirer says:

    Sara, Sara, Sara! You look wonderful and are an inspiration to all! Thank you Jassem! Love the Studena ad. Thanks.

    YGA: No thank you, and “de nada” 😀

  12. Ali Al-Rayes says:

    wish u all the best sara
    and for saud hehe inshalah he’ll fallow sara ;P and i’ll be watching him ;P

    Ali: 😀 heheheh Saud Saud Saud.

  13. Sarah Al-Yahya says:

    mamaa is my greatest Admirer 😛 thaanks mama !;*

  14. muneera says:

    oh my god sarah! u look amazing! im so amazed by u! didnt know u had it in u! proud of u girl! hehe la wala good job! keep it up! il fal ley inshala;p your baby sista manoor ;p

  15. helen says:

    Good girl Sara 🙂 Proud of you! yalla im coming back to kuwait on thursday so inshalla ill be meeting al of you at the next walk! i gained weight so i need to loose it while im in kuwait! hehehe il try to stay away from the restaurents!

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