Flashbacks …

A flash back hit me today, harder than I ever imagined. I was laying down tanning surrounded by beautiful people. I remembered those days when I used to refuse to go anywhere where I had to be faced with my biggest fear, taking my shirt off. I’m sure those of you who know what I’m talking about have a smirk on their faces. You see the walk out to the pool when you are fat is like a million thoughts going through your head, what am I going to do, how do I take my shirt off, who’s going to be looking at me, what are they going to think of my body… all those and more were questions popping in my head, my heart was racing and in many cases, I just sat down, with my shirt on and acted like I was cool and I didn’t care, when in reality I was dying inside.  

I thought a day were I could actually enjoy the pool was impossible.  

Fast forward to 2007 …  Today I sat out shirt off confident as ever, I could give a damn what people think and it wasn’t because I had a six pack and perky pecks, god only knows that I don’t. But because I know that none of those guys strutting their muscles have half the heart to go through what I have, the time spent, the agony, the sweat, the aching muscles and joints, the lonely days and so much more. 

This is my message,  

Remember it’s never too late to start, no matter what it’s never too late, if you eat right, dedicate time of your day to work out and have a support network to keep you going and cheer you up your on the right track to achieve great things.  

I hope my little random stories inspire someone, after all that’s the only reason I share them with, well the world.

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2 Responses to Flashbacks …

  1. Saud Al-Rayes says:

    oh man!! one day one day!! dont forget tanning on the west coast 😉

    Saud: Be and you baby ! San Tropez all the way

  2. Maze says:

    do i know that person ur indicating?

    Maze: hmmmmm what?

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