Out of town …


I’m leaving for
Bahrain tomorrow and will be back on Monday to attend the Formula 1 races. The reason for a ‘walk-less’ week is the unforgiving weather that we have been seeing. While I’m gone, if the weather let’s up Calvin will organize the walks and will be there. If you need anything you can always reach me at 4406255. Can’t wait to see you all next week !

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12 Responses to Out of town …

  1. Ali Al-Rayes says:

    have fun there :> hehe i’ll be in the shaleeh weya s3aiwed ;P
    oo yah el weather mo 6abeee3i killa `3baar :S inshalah be6eee7 3la bacher i wanna swim 😛

  2. Saud Al-Rayes says:

    I cant see u guys cheering for carz driving by! But i have 2 thngs to say enjoy o 6e7saw eb ur seating! Start and finish ha have fun :p its the 1st and last time u will sit there!

  3. Maze says:

    have a nice trip…:)

  4. Jenan says:

    Me too!
    Hope to bump into u somewhere!

    Jenan: really ! awesome !

  5. Calvin says:

    Again f anyone neds to get a hold of me my number is 9639232.

  6. Calvin says:


    If anyone needs anything you can reach me at 9639232

  7. Asmaa says:

    belsalama inshallah
    have fun

    Asmaa: Thanks 🙂 ala isalmich.

  8. Mohammed Alwugayan says:

    Have fun there, enshala the weather gets better, oo we go for a walk

  9. MSB says:

    glad u had fun this morning on the track.. inshAllah u enjoyed shopping.. o hope u get to go to the brazilian show 😉

    enjoy bahrain o hope it doesnt rain tonight like it did last night.

    MSB: i did it was great, i really want a Ferrari now ! it’s amazing. Shopping was great but nothing gets my blood going like Las Vegas shopping i must admit. Brazillian show i did not make it to that, my partner in crime had different plans, and i must admit his plans sucked 😛 RG if your reading this, got nothing but love 😛

  10. MSB says:

    hmm… you mean strip mall vegas shopping or outlet mall?

    it’s funny, now that the F1’s over, the skies are clear again in Bahrain.. not dusty like it was over the weekend.

    RG (whoever that is): wrong choice. shoulda gone to the brazilian show! 🙂

    MSB: Outlet ? you kidding, i’m talking Ceasars strip mall shopping, or the mall by TI i forgot what’s it called ! dammit. Oh well 😉 i’m flying out now, still got no idea who on god’s earth you are but thanks for the shout out 😛

  11. MSB says:

    only the random person at banana republic (or was it The Gap?!) who gave u directions on where to go to get tix to the brazilian show u never went to!


    MSB: oh yeah it was the Gap. Yeah i know wala i wish that i went to the brazillian show, to my credit though i did try to find the booth that suposidly sold those tickets and was not lucky ! 😛 anyways maybe next time i’ll do my homework before boarding the plane.

  12. wel is along as you had fun at the race and I agree the fourm shops in ceasars isnt bad and so does the fashion show mall by the Mirage, but you have not gone shopping till you get to Bal Harbor miami, dude that is the best place to shop in the world beside fifth Ave in NY

    Neil: hmm thats where you come in, we better meet up in the states soon ! heheheh

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