… Keep Walkin’

Everyone tomorrow will be an interesting day !  

The Six-K Club is going to have a walk at 5:00 p.m. obviously if it starts to rain don’t bother showing up because it will offcourse be cancelled. Let’s all pray that it doesn’t keep those fingers crossed. When: Friday April 13, 2007Where: Parking lott after hard rock café on gulf road, Salwa Hall parking Lott. If you get lost please call Calvin he’s going to guide the group tomorrow.  

I’ll be missing you guys, hopefully we’ll go for a walk when I get back maybe Monday or Tuesday ! take care, love you all.

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6 Responses to … Keep Walkin’

  1. Saud Al-Rayes says:

    k, cheers! have fun!

    Saud: we flew in the middle of the storm, the ride was HILARIOUS why? cuz i was sitting next to our friend, i’ll let you know.

  2. fahad says:

    can’t wait !! 😀

  3. Calvin says:

    9639232 ….guys incase u need to get a hold of me …..see you all there !!

  4. Have fun JZ let me know if you need a pick from KCIA
    see you there Calvin

    Neil: Thanks budd, see you in Kuwait, Rakan still has to take us out to dinner.

  5. Hetaf says:

    Enjoy your time and please take some pictures to post them here 🙂

    Hetaf: i will, i will for sure.

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