Let’s burn some calories people !!

When: tomorow April 18, 2007 at 5:00 pm

Where: same location, if you don’t know what i’m talking about call 4406255.

i can’t wait to see you all there.

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11 Responses to GUESS WHO’S BACK !

  1. Haya says:

    Welcome home sunshine 🙂

    Haya: Thanks babe ! your going to make it today ?

  2. Ali Al-Rayes says:

    welcome back and hope u had fun over there
    but 2day i can’t make it i have a friends Graduation party to attened to 😛
    c ya on the next walk 😛

    Ali: cool and congrats to your friend! 😀

  3. Mohammed Alwugayan says:

    Welcome back, mmm today I can’t make it, cuz these days I’m rushed with my exams, enshala ill be walking with u soon!

    Mohammed: it’s alright my friend, school always comes first. !!

  4. Ali G says:

    Welcome back and seems like you had fun! I envy just a tad!

    As for the walk, I was able to make it today but since the schedule has changed I won’t be able to make it tomorrow due to a family engagement! I will try to see if I can make it if the family thing finishes early!

    Ali: thanks homie i better see you next time !

  5. april says:

    too bad..I can’t make it…i have works to do..but i hope everything will turn out to be okay..and for me..I will find time to run after my work..i have to loose this weights..hmmm..hoping to meet everyone soon

    april: I hope you can make it soon ! good luck with work n’ all.

  6. Maze says:

    hmmm me too i can’t make it i have my evening shift…u know ….and nawaret el kuwait ya Jasoom…7abib 2albi…:)

    Maze: thanks mazoooz inshalla on the weekend ! 😀

  7. Maha Al Rashed says:

    Hey Hey Hey!
    how was the race? so 7mdila 3l salama. i might give you a call soon, i’ve been crazy busy lately. you know……

    Maha: thanks ala isalmich !! .. yeah i know ! hehehe call me 😀

  8. Ali Al-Rayes says:

    I’m Glad to know that the alk was moved to tomorrow ;p hehehe i’ll be there :> 4 Sure inshalah ;P
    and cya all there

    Ali: See you tomorow.

  9. kuwait was not the same without you kid
    welcome back ya warda
    I will try to make it tommorow if I can ?

    Neil: thanks my man i hope to see you tomorow. !!

  10. Saud Al-Rayes says:

    same here i will try iam not sure! plus do one on thursday ba3ad! lets walk more often! comon where’s the spirit???

    Saud: There is one almost everyday coming up 😉 so don’t push your luck and you better make it !!

  11. Ali Al-Rayes says:

    yaa i agree with s3ood ;P we should do that
    and walk like twice or three times a week we can do it 😉 and it;s better for us
    hope that everyone here agrees and makes it 😉

    Ali: that’s the plan especially that the weather is getting worse 😛

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