Questions and Real Answers.

While i was running today i remembered that there were allot of questions that i need to answer, questions that members keep on asking to this very day. This is a 1-1 with myself.

 Jasem when you were loosing weight did you ever give up and gained?

– yes, but that is normal. The thing is that with people who change their lifestyle and live a healthy life it’s easier to go back to working out and keep fit, why? because you know the rules to the game. The reason why i hate diets so much is that they don’t empower you but they basically guide you as if you were a robot, once the diet is over you get lost and go back to your old habits. I say to those who have gained a few in the process, don’t give up, take this as a learning experience and it’s never too late, thats my moto, live by it.

Jasem what do you do when you reach the level where you don’t loose more weight ?

-Well if your not looking like a kid in Somalia that’s the least of your worries. Sometimes you reach a plateau in your weight loss and you kinda float around a range, the reason is because of your metabolism. Allot of you out there thing that by eating less your doing yourself a favor, and by less i mean times per day and not quantity. Eating is actually a good thing, eating the right stuff and the right times per day is the best because it makes your metabolism work faster and more efficient, add some physical activity to the mix and your golden. So when you reach that point you either need to change your diet, or you need to increase/decrease your work out, i suggest you play around with it and you’ll figure it out. Remember 1 thing ! No one on this planet knows your body better than you do, own it and never let it own you.

Jasem i often get really tired while i’m working out why is that ?

– Never “over- work out” ! Don’t hurt your body you need to be good to it in order to continue to reach your goals. You definitely need to do some things though. I suggest drinking a lot of water during the day i personally drink at-least 5 bottles of water at work, probably 3 during the day and six mini bottles before i sleep, actually the six bottles are next to my thigh right now. Also, if you plan to work out please allow at-least 3 hours before you’ve had any food, having a hearty meal and working out is horrible ! big no-no. Last but not least and DO NOT GET USED TO THIS, but if you really need a lift, stay away from the Red Bulls and the Pimp Juices 😛 they are full of sugar, i suggest a 1 shot espresso, again please don’t abuse it, 30 minutes before working out.

 And the question most asked offcourse.

Jasem do you have loose skin and strech marks i heard it was a problem when you loose weight?

-yes i do! For me personally the worst area is my stomach i do have hard upper abs but non existent lower abs, party my fault because i really don’t work them out. Depending on how big you were, skin is a problem, you can fix only so much of it but if it really bothers you there is only 1 solution and it’s surgery. It really isn’t a big deal anymore, if you need it then you need it. Now doctors can even reduce scaring and it looks superb. I suggest reading lots about it. For me, i work out, weight train, ALOT. That has helped in mysterious ways, Calvin told me earlier that my chest looks better which really makes me proud since that too is something i really hate about my body. All in all, this is the truth, i might have un-perfect pecks or a flabby stomach but boy did i work hard to get to where i am. I mean i really worked hard you guys have no idea, and i’m proud of my imperfections. I feel like they all tell a story, a day of struggle or a memory. I embrace it so much that for the first time in my life i’ve taken a pic of my self with my shirt off and willing to show it to the world, not because i want props, i really don’t but to prove to you that man does it feel good and you guys need to believe in yourself before you believe in anything else!. You all can do it each and every one of you.

This is me today after running from our house in Bayan to mamsha Mishref ran all of Mishref then back to Bayan a run that took about 1 and a half hours and i think about 13 Kilos if not a little more.


Now let me tell you what really got to me while i was running i think holding back was harder than anything else. You know guys when i came back from the states i had a bunch of issues i was dealing with, namely friends. I really didn’t have any, whom i thought were real friends turned out to be, well i’ll keep that for myself. It was so hard to meet people because of how it just is here, i just didn’t want to stay here any longer i was ready to board a plane and really never come back here again. I was shy, reserved and really didn’t fit in. The reason why i share all of it is because i want you to know how grateful i am for this club, it has changed me for a better man. I am more outgoing more sociable, more confident i love it. We took an idea and look at us now, changing lives, meeting people, being talked about all throughout this country and beyond, we are the school that graduates the leaders of tomorow and nothing short of that. I really do love you all, you are all my family.

 It is because each and every single one of you, i am a better man today and i hope i can give back as much as you have given me.

Truly thank you.

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6 Responses to Questions and Real Answers.

  1. Maze says:

    Great post bro…as said before u are the inspiration to many of us…keep it up man..we love u…:)

  2. toota says:

    9ij WOW !! keep it up bro 😉
    thanks for all what you’ve said , (wa9il) =)

  3. Saud Al-Rayes says:

    Speech less!! inshalla i’m trying my best!! by this week i’ll be in the muscle building area to meet my body half way! loss fat gain muscle!

    Saud: Keep it up you know i want to sun tan with you and look at the beautiful ladies 😛

  4. Sarah Al-Yahya says:

    im even more Speech less !! Jasem ur the man !! THE KING!:P we love u 2 ;p

    Sarah: you better show up, SOOON ! grrrrrrrrrrrrrr !

  5. MSB says:

    Allah Ewafgek inshAllah.. coming back from the States is always tough cuz life was easier there.. eventually though, we all learn to settle with the help of friends and family.

    i lived in the US for 9 years. moving back was tough but this is home and my family’s here. so it’s worth it in the end.

    MSB: Thanks 😀

  6. Al-Busairi says:


    9ij 9ij ya36eek e3afiya .. oo thank you for brining such club to kuwait especially that q8 lack such clubs.

    jasem keep up the good work, o mashallah ur doin more than gr8 .. o we really need people like you, who are gr8 inspiration and spirit ..


    Al-Busairi: thanks ali ! i really appreciate those kind words 🙂

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