Friday !



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8 Responses to Friday !

  1. toota says:

    enshalla i’ll be there .. i’ll be bringing a few friends to join 😀

  2. hind says:

    C you inshalla 🙂

  3. Wael says:

    Sorry guys, but where do I find your schedule? I’m actually part of the 6k club (through AUK), and I tend to jog every other day near Hard Rock alone (you guys know that place). So when and where do you jog? where can I find your schedule? And finally, is it possible to make your jogging place occasionally near where I jog? It’s cuz I don’t drive, so it may be difficult for me to go to those far areas. Thanks!

    Wael: There is no set schedule, when we do decide to meet up we send out an email. If you have registered before using an AUK address you need to send another email with the subject line register using a non AUK address please. As far as changing the place of our walk i don’t think that would be possible for now. Hope you can make it when we do meet up again. Thanks.

  4. Ali G says:

    The new bag I got for the walk was amazing! I only had one issue during this walk and that was due to the fact I forgot my shoes at home and I had to walk in my slippers! :oP

    Ali: Should i book you an apointment with the pedicurist 😛 i heard about the back sounds amazing, bring Tiesto along next time !

  5. Ali Al-Rayes says:

    it seem that alot of ppl showed up yesterday good job everyone 🙂
    i’ll see you inshalah in the next walk

  6. Maze says:

    too bad i missed it for some reasons..u know iT JZ..:P

    Maze: 😀

  7. Ali G says:

    You supply the music and I will supply the bag! My iPod has been acting up! Sometimes it will work and other times it won’t even start up!

    Ali: That’s why there is a trash can in your house and 30 kd in your wallet enough for atleast a new 2 GB shuffle ;P

  8. Ali G says:

    LOL! What 30 kd are you talking about! I have 30 kd? Show me the money! I need gas in my car!

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