The Store

The link says it all

Six-K Store

There is one catch only – you need a U.S. shipping address (Aramex included) & a credit card.

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7 Responses to The Store

  1. Abdullah AL-Salem says:

    Cool thing but how can i get it?

    Abdullah: it’s a store in the states, so you buy just like you would anything else but you need a U.S. Shipping address & a credit card.

  2. Saud Al-Rayes says:

    nice nice! i hate it when u said things before to me and calvin and we see it up and running ha!! ;p calvin deserves an APOLOGY!!!!

    Saud: was it 4:20 when you wrote this message?

  3. Maze says:

    nice store…keep it up…call me tomorrow so we can hangout some place..

    Maze: Thanks and i will definatley.

  4. Saud Al-Rayes says:

    hmm no it was 10:55PM!! poor calvin! we’ll show u!

    Saud: what in the world are you talking about, i’m really confused? I would research 420 if i were you i don’t think you got my point 😛

  5. Zahed says:

    FORGET ARAMEX (USHOPWESHIP) is the answer!!!!!!!!!!

    Zahed: Advertising on this website will cost you please contact Jasem at 9000510 😛 hehehehe love you man wainick inta!! we gota hang out sooon .. !

  6. Ali G says:

    To stir up a little controversy, I agree with Zahed!

  7. Angelo says:

    So does that mean it is possible for those in the US to actually buy those cool t-shirts?

    Angelo: yeah why not, if your in the states with a credit card, shop away 😉

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