My New Best Friend

I recently visited the NikeTown store in Dubai, Mall of the Emirates. A guy walked up to me and tried to sell this new gadget by Nike that links your shoe to your iPod, I must admit at first I thought he was out of his mind, but then I gave in.  

Yesterday I connected the Nike + iPod gadget and slipped on my compatible Nike+ shoes, and went for what has been the run of my life.


Basically what it is, is a little chip if you will that goes into your shoe, but not just any shoe a Nike+ shoe. Then you need a iPod Nano, which you connect the receiver too, you don’t need to install anything no wires no fuss. It is the easiest thing in the whole world, and I’m not kidding.   While your running this lady, or a guy’s voice if you prefer, tell you that you have ran 2 Kilos, the time and your pace. You can create playlists for each work out, you can set goals and track them online, you can have a “power song” that you play when you need to go wild !!!! this thing is AAAMMMMAAAAZZZZZIIINNNGGGG !!



Now let me introduce to you the shoe, I have the Nike+ Air Zoom Moire .. nothing has felt so light, so comftorable, so foot forming like this thing I’m totally in love. Truly feels like I was running on Air.  

  For the wise guy commenter, I did not get a single dime for this, I sometimes wish I did. Maybe then each and every one would drive over the Six-K Gym walk in, be greeted, no testosterone small minded guys with tight shirts to stare at you, all happy people wanting to share the same dream, live dj 3 times a week .. and plenty of treadmills and lots and lots of encouragement, instead of us being at the mercy of time + weather 😉 … we’ll get there don’t worry 😀 

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8 Responses to My New Best Friend

  1. Ali G says:

    Nice purchase!
    Did Calvin tell you about my new purchase? A back pack with built in speakers! I used it the other day and it worked for the whole walk and made the walk seem a lot easier for some reason!

    Ali: i heard that’s why you need to bring Tiesto next time.

  2. Abdulrazzaq Al-Salem says:

    i heard about this long time ago .. i want to have one but its only for iPod nano 😦

    Abdulrazzaq: get a nano.

  3. Angelo says:

    Haha I know…my cousin was raving about it the other day. She was like “I loveeeeee this, you better get one too.” And I was like “Sorry babe, I’m an old fashion jogger…just give me headphones and I’m all set.” 🙂

    Angelo: oh you have no idea, trust me try it

  4. basma says:

    its AMAZING 😀

    i’m using it since the end of januray and the nest this is when u set a time and it keeps telling u that u have finished this amount every five minutes … oh and the count down ! its amazing

    the best this is that it keeps a record of the calories, the time and the distace walked + u’ll listen to something when ever u beat the highest walked distance … 😀 i won’t ruin the surprise, u have to find out urself.

  5. basma says:

    yeah, hmm .. i think i need to slow down and check my typos 😛

    the nest this is = the best thing is

    distace= dictance

  6. basma says:

    no seriously.. i really need to slow down ! heh


  7. Farah says:

    Wooow! Sounds like ur perfect jogging buddy. I must admit I’m not a big fan of music gadgets but this one sounds like fun! When’s it coming to Kuwait?

    Farah: no idea but i’m sure you could find it here if not 😉

  8. Khalid says:

    I know! I’ve been using this for every time I went jogging with you guys. I have told Calvin about it before I think. It is practically the only reason I can tolerate running.

    BTW, you don’t have to use it with the nike+ shoes. There is this special pouch you attach to your fav running shoes where u put the sensor on and you are ready to go.

    Khalid: awesome! i didn’t know about this special pouch. but i’ll definatley look for it.

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