You learn quiet a bit when you write about what you eat everday. It is often the case that we go about our days eating forgetting completely what we had just a few hours ago. Having a food journal can really help you limits your food intake and make better food choices.

this is my conclusion.

I need to stop eating at work, snacking! the problem is with boredom i eat when there is nothing else to do and i need to do away with that, so i’m starting to bring a book to work to read a few pages when things get slow around here, this way atleast i won’t snack away.

I shouldn’t have a late lunch. If i get hungry i need to eat here at work, why? because alot of the social interaction here in Kuwait revolves around food and restaurants and i’m probably out with friends daily for “dinner” .. so if i eat a late lunch it is often the case that i do have dinner and over stuff myself, a big big mistake.

I have decided to change my work out schedule, i used to run 1 day a week and work out (weight train) 4 times a week. NOW, i’m running 3 days a week and weight training 3 days a week and a day off. I think this way i can achieve versatility, strenght and good looks ! ahahahah who am i to flatter myself i slept 2 hours yesterday i haven’t shaved in a while and i am really really sleepy.

Jasem out.

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3 Responses to Conclusions

  1. Saud Al-Rayes says:

    good good, keep it up!

  2. big J
    please dont take what I am about to write the wrong way,looks isnt everything my brotha,you happen to have a great friendly personalty and heart of gold ma man,I hope this will boost and lift you up a bit, because its the truth

    Neil: wow you made me sound like i was depressed or something :p hehehe love you man walla your always there to lift up the spirits ! i’m okay trust me, just was upset a little for going overboard yesterday but hey **** happens 🙂

  3. Saud Al-Rayes says:

    loool nice nice :p

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