Words from the heart

A message to everyone, 

I still remember the day this club was nothing but a thought floating around in my head as I ran in the soaring heat outside. It was a dream.  There was a time were I truly believed that dreaming was only to keep us going and that dreams never really become reality, until right this second when it hit me, while I sit alone at this café sipping away on some coffee, no sugar no cream.  

This is what I must say. Words sometimes cannot do justice for what I feel from pride, respect, admiration and love for all of you who represent the essence and soul of this club. In it friendships have been formed and bonds were made and it is in this club where dreams have become reality for some and on it’s way to become for others. It is in this club where I meet and continue to meet such wonderful people and make friendships that will last a lifetime. I guess I can’t thank you enough after all of this time, you are truly an inspiration to yourselves, me, and many people around the world. 

This is my message for the rest of the world. 

In The Six-K Club we not only embrace health and an active lifestyle but this is the school that breads the leaders of today and tomorrow.  

I am so proud of each and every one of you and I really cannot thank you enough. I love you all. Jasem. 

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18 Responses to Words from the heart

  1. Ali G says:

    Wow! Thanks!
    This would have been a great toast!

    To be honest, we have to thank you as well for starting such a club and giving us a place to go and something to do!

  2. Farah says:

    That’s a very thoughtful message you’ve got there Jasem! Well done for all the hard work you’ve done for making this a reality. Kuwait needs more people like you who aspire to make the world a happier and more friendly place for everyone out there
    I hope the club continues to grow.

    Thank you so much !

  3. Cheers to you mate,you have touched all of our lives As well, and we all love you back JZ
    And I if I may say ” you never forget people or good Friends who were there for you when you need them the Most, this one goes for you also Kaloo
    And hey bartender make that a doubble and bring a Tissue along please lol
    cherrs to all the other members

    Neilooo … wala bidoon mojamalat ! ‘without sugar coating’ you are the single most amazing person i have met, in so little time i have grown to love you admire you and respect you .. you deserve the world wala ! i better get invited to the big day in VA .. i’ll arange the Vegas trip for the boys 😛

  4. Haya says:

    You’re the BEST !!
    We’re all proud of you and love you to bits
    Keep up the wonderful work darling..

    Hayoooooooooooooooooooon wala missed having you around! Six-k isn’t the same without you get better and come join us! .. where would all of this be without you … words really can’t describe how much gratitude i have for you. thank you forever.

  5. Saud Al-Rayes says:

    ur great!! amazing, cant be any better wala!! no THANK U!!!!

    Saud you remind me of myself years ago, i swear buddy i’ll never give up on you. we will take our shirts off and sun tan in san tropez that’s my promise to you! Zinger rules 😛

  6. Abdulrazzaq Al-Salem says:

    no thank to u jassem and we are who should be proud of you !!

    your welcome lil brother

  7. Maze says:

    I’m speechless…thank you so much for what u did and without your efforts this group wouldn’t have grown.At least I met kind hearted and caring people like you and enshalla our friendship will grow stronger. We all love you and appreciate everything you did for us. I’m proud to have you as a friend and brother . Long Live 6K AND Jasoooooommm…:)

    Mazoooooooooooz thank you buddy wala your a great guy ! thanks for everything long live Beirut 😉 raji3 yit3ama matkhaf.

  8. Al-Busairi says:

    u r a great insipiration to all of us jassem, thank u

    Thanks D

  9. Calvin says:

    Ive met soo many people over the past few months through the club its unimagineable …… i fully agree with jassim that we are a school that breeds leaders of the future. Who knows with the right atmosphere we could change the country ….. 6k at a time.
    Niel…you are probably the most kind hearted individual ive ever met in my entire life…..i hope i can learn from you as giving without any expectations is somthing this world lacks. Cheers !
    Jassooom ……My Big Bro……the english dictionary doesnt have a single word that could describe my affection for you ……(except wen u slam my car door and call me idiot…GGGrrrr)…..Homies for life !

    Calvin: thanks man 😀

  10. Sarah Al-Yahya says:

    love u all 2 !!:**

  11. Sarah Al-Yahya says:

    jasem ur the best .. ur my big brother ;* love u

    Keep up the good work babe you look great !

  12. JZ you and your club are very special and uniqe,
    Here are a few tips for all of you my six k sisters and brothers .
    Always remember the compliments you received.forget about the rude remrks
    Good friends are like stars … you dont always see them,but you know they are always there .
    Whenever God closes one door he always opens another.
    And also keep in mind when life hands you lemons,ask for tequila and salt, and call me over!
    Because thats what friends are for .
    and keep in mind that Living well is the best revange

    Hahahhahah, Tequila ha! your the best my man the best.

  13. Saud Al-Rayes says:

    haha well said :p

  14. Caloo says:



  15. Farah says:

    Hey Calvin! U should give urself a pat on the back too, ur doing an amazing job. Keep up the good work :)Honestly if it wasn’t for ur friendly and easy approach I probably wouldn’t have continued, I feel like I’ve known you for years Cheers mate…

    Amen amen calvin rocks 😉

  16. I totaly agree with u farrah kaloo rocks

  17. Calvin says:

    feelin good…(singing U rock my world by Micheal Jackson as im typin this ) ……its all worth it so long as i keep meeting amazing people like i have over the past few months . Farah u rock ……. my dental consultant ! heheh ;-)!
    Niel….the man ! thinkin of it the other day Niel is like Jack Nicholson at the LA Lakers game he doesnt say too much but supports everything the Lakers do and is at every game.

    What kinda &**$(&G Bull&^$% is this! Neil classic 😛

  18. JZ,Kallo
    Both of you had me at hello, and you make me wanna be a better man, by the way guys;
    you complete me lol

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