…………Keep walking.

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7 Responses to …………Keep walking.

  1. Maze says:

    yayyyyy….can’t wait to see u guys again ….:)

  2. i’ll try inshalla! 3ala il ba7ar! if its bad iam coming ;p

  3. Ali G says:

    Won’t be able to make it due to family and 3aza!

  4. 3athem allah ajrek ali!

    Ali & Rakan 3atham ala ajirkom

  5. Dear brothers Ali & Rakan
    My prayers and condolences to you and family for your lost

    Neil Kallabt

  6. Ali Al-Rayes says:

    walla khoosh pics 😉 ma3a el manthar oo el jaw
    u Guys look Great 😉

  7. Jawaher says:

    wow amazing!! i know exactly what u mean about the media.. i’ve been through it! smart move with filtering them out! good luck to you and i hope to join u once more before i travel 🙂

    thanks J

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