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10 Responses to 07.07.07

  1. readmyblog says:

    It works just fine . 😀

  2. Bravo Jasoom,thats what I am talking about man.
    Ur always breaking new grounds,best of luck 2u
    kuwait is lucky 2 have someone like u

    habeebi Neilo you better not leave this place!

  3. MAZE says:

    gr8 idea..like it!

    Neil miss u man..where have u been lately??

  4. Ali G says:

    Like H AKA ReadMyBlog said, “It works just fine!”

    Other than that, please accept my apologies for not showing up to any 6K runs but it always ends up that I have something planned on the day the run is announced!

    No problems buddy hopefully you can make it some other time!

  5. Ali al-Rayas says:

    it works and c ya 2day inshalah

  6. Big J
    it seems like leaving this place will not be easy at all, as a matter of fact it will be very sad for me after I got to know you guys.
    but inshallah we will meet again,you know they say its a small world and I happen to agree.
    ABU al Maze I miss you too my friend where have you been buddy? U should give me a ring.
    Jasoom, Caloo,and all of you six k members,I am glad that I met u guys and enjoyed chatting and walking with all of you ,awesome group of people.
    friendship to me is like wine it gets better as it grows older,

    Wine 😉 … don’t worry about it, there’s one place on this world that i call home and i know how to show you a good time there! LAS VEGAS baby! we’ll meet there soon, you have my word.

  7. zahed says:


    Zooozzooo miss you ! wain ili bidig for Kubar on Friday :{ … you better call this weekend! 🙂

  8. it works 😀

    see you guys today

  9. Afrah says:

    Yes it works o its 7ada gr8 idea 🙂


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