Sunday – We are back !



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9 Responses to Sunday – We are back !

  1. Ali al-Rayas says:

    Inshalah 😉 bacher i’ll be there

  2. Caloo says:

    WALK time!!! ……cant wait …… see u all there !!

  3. Abdulrazzaq Al-Salem says:

    hell yeah !! see you guys tomorrow

  4. Maze says:

    hope u guys will enjoy it without me…:P

    Maze: don’t worry there will one on saturday’s just for you 🙂 when do you get off work anyways?

  5. MAZE says:

    hehe..7abibi Jasooooom…walla we have a new mgr now so i cant take always days off during the week.

  6. Maze says:

    i miss u guys…Rakan welcome back man…:)

  7. oh rak rak is back! nice!! inshala next time i hope ena i would be done with my class! :s

  8. Caloo says:

    hehehe Rak rak made his suprising visit ! 🙂

  9. Sarah A. Al-Yahya says:


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