It’s set. Do you agree?

This summer – starting now and until further notice. We will meet every Sunday & Tuesday at 7:30 same place.

Where: Salwa Hall – Gulf Road – Right turn after the hard rock cafe parking entrance. We will be at the parking lott there, if you get lost call 4406255.

When: Every Sunday & Tuesday.

Time:  7:30 (Not 8:00 we will start walking at 7:30)

Hope this works out, call the secretary, re-plan your days, gear up, buy new socks or shoes, and let’s all walk the 6 k!

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10 Responses to It’s set. Do you agree?

  1. Ali G says:

    I can do Tuesdays until the Family dinner is up and running again! Sunday’s is hard! Oh well!

    No problemo buddy:P

  2. afra says:

    cool good idea !

  3. Maze says:

    thanks Jasooom for not making it work for me…!!

    ana mish wa3adtak ino ba3mol 1 on the weekends heik spontaneous just for you, tekram 3ayn 3aynak ana na7na kam mazen 3ina walaw 😛 shou ra2yak bil lebanese taba3i 😛

  4. Ali al-Rayas says:

    it works with me
    bs hal sunday i can’t 3endi 3ers 😉


  5. Inshala i’l be there. Gay jay alghanim will be there! Prepare the shirts calvi!

  6. Maze says:

    hehehehe…i was joking man…as long as u guys are having fun i’m happpy…oo el lebanese taba3ak bit3a2ed….:)

  7. afra says:

    tra it’s shwaya late 7.30 lish mo 6.30 ?

    it’s too hot too walk at 6:30

  8. same here i think its very late, plus za7mat salmyia :s

    Buddy, first of all it’s not very late, it’s perfect you come walk, go have a salad and home shower relax and sleep, and second of all, it’s August there’s hardly any “za7mat salmiya” and third of all saudii where the hell have you been? i’d assume you would show up once before you make suggestions 😛

  9. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL u got me there in the last part bs all the other things iam right man ;p

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