This is my letter, i’m still waiting on yours?


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9 Responses to Oprah

  1. Sooli says:

    Can barely read it buddy!

    click on the pic, then it’ll open in a new window, click on that again it’ll zooom 😛

  2. nice one man! bs fe a typo 2nd page, where u said look at the website.

  3. Sarah A. Al-Yahya says:

    amazing letter !


  4. MAZE says:

    walla u touched my heart man…loved the letter and ur a great person …i’m happy to have met you…:)

    thanks mazmooz! how’s Jordan?

  5. Hey JZ
    I am hoping that your letter to Oprah will touch her heart, liked it did ours while we read it and you never know she may even invite you to her show to share your Personal ordeal with obesity and weight gain,so the rest of the world Will learn not to give up and always keep the faith, till Then I am keeping my fingers crossed my friend

    thanks Neilo! We need to do Dubai soon!

  6. your dad says:

    Excellent letter.Even if Oprah does not reed it,I think it is a fine try.

    your acceptance means more to me than anything else in this world. i love you papa.

  7. Dear Mr Zeraei
    You should be very proud of having a son like Jasim, he has become an inspiration to all of us Members Of the Six k club,he is a very caring and helpful individual, he listens to your probloms Or concerns and offer you a brotherly solutions,
    You and MRS Zeraei did a fine job raising this young man,

  8. Angelo says:

    WOW just WOW. Dude, the letter is superb in everyway. I’m jealous…I wanna write like this one day. My “eyes are cold” LOL so don’t worry.

    I smell an Oprah Special this fall regarding your letter…see ya in Chicago…hopefully 😀

    Even though i have no idea who this is, thanks a gazillion billion 😛

  9. Abdullah Al Khudhairi says:

    Splendid! Absoluetly splendid! Words can’t describe how inspiring it is to just read this letter. Mozel Tov!


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