August 19 2007 – Message from a plane.

I am sitting in the plane back from Dubai as I write this. My eyes are shutting slowly, I’m travel sick, I feel nauseated and I guess my fear of flying is getting the best of me. As I sit here thinking about every  little reason on why this plane ride is getting bumpier by the minute I wanted to share with you all some thoughts I had in my head. Right now I feel bloated and what seems to be my weight gain while I travel is really annoying me. Here are some tips on what to do while your away from your gym or your favorite street that you run/walk on. I suggest the following. Always bring along your work out cloths, almost every hotel in the world offers a gym, yes it might not be what your used too but you can make the best of it and put in an hour of your day towards your well being. If you don’t like to travel heavy, like myself, make plans to go to the nearest sports wear store and purchase a pair of shorts and some shoes, which I did on this trip. During our travels we tend to let go, stay up all night and usually munch when the munchies come calling, and that’s how traveling should be, fun and easy going. BUT You can also curb your extremism with an hour or even half an hour a day towards your well being, remember always if there is a will there is  a way there should be no excuses, put on those pair of running shoes before you go out burning your credit cards shopping or before you head out on your next adventure and put in 30 minutes or an hour of working out, trust me you’ll thank me for it when you get back to the Kuwait.  Okay it’s getting real bumpy now I have to put everything away and sit tight before I pop a nerve, ciao.

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2 Responses to August 19 2007 – Message from a plane.

  1. your dad says:

    And after all this your luggage did not arrive.

    Pops: i just got it, i assure you we in Kuwait have the worst airport in the entire world.

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