I’ve been toying with the idea of eating at McDonalds for a while now. I haven’t had a proper McDonalds meal in years, maybe 3 or more even. In proper i mean a full meal, i’ve had some fries here and there a bite from someones sandwich, but to sit and open a bag and throw those crisp fries on the side and ketchup all over them and eat! that did not happen for a long time

I really would love too.

Why? Well it’s always been mental for me, when i lost weight McDonalds was my weakness so i decided to never go back there again and have succeeded.

My Question is: if i eat now, just that 1 perfect meal, would it mean that i have surrendered to my weakness?

Should i go ahead and do it! what do you guys think?

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11 Responses to McDonalds

  1. Chilli CoCo says:

    Your not surrendering to your weakness…think of it more as being strong and in control to over-come your weakness and have it when you want it and have no struggle to quit it when you feel like it…cuz iam telling you hun…You Ain’t taking a ChumP off My BigGY!! 😉


  2. Mohammed Alwugayan says:

    If you’re not eating from Mcdonalds.. You seriously have problems.. McDonalds is like air you breathe 😛

    No, my air, is chocolate!

  3. I would go for it just to satisfy your urge ,you could add an extra day of working out to your weekly activites, its thats simple ok.
    and after all it may not even taste as good as it used to be, JZ you should always learn how to face your demons or weakness not run away or hide behind them.

    You should know me better Houdini, i never run away from my fears, infact i love facing them it gives me a little action. BUT, i really think i’m tired of not having my Big Mac meal !

  4. readmyblog says:

    AVOID IT! McDonalds is the devil.. I had a quarter-pounder two days ago. That really hit the spot.

  5. Maze says:

    Jassooom got for it just to satisfy your need….trust me no harm will happen…:)

  6. readmyblog says:

    Did I say Mcdonalds is the Devil..? MAZE you are a bad bad influence.

  7. chikapappi says:

    No harm if you get somethin’ from there, I do that, chicken nuggets and good ol’green salad 🙂 that’s would get you over with the craving

    screw that! i want the real thing, not having it for 3 plus years i think i deserve a proper meal 😛

  8. joojo says:

    you know what ?! ana ashoof ina i’tha kalait one meal mn mc donalds 3aaadiii may’6ir .. ya3ni mu ma3nata ina it’s the end of the world !! oO ba3dain feE sha’3la lazim t3arfha … “LIFE IS ONLY LIVED ONCE” ;p you already proved to yourself that you can do anything since you we’re able to stick to the plan for 3 years ;D

    JooJo you speak my language!

  9. Abdullah Al Khudhairi says:

    hehe, i would say, let them record you first for not eating a proper, decent meal from McDonalds in 3 years as you mentioned, eat the meal, satisfy your needs, and then burn it off, no, you will not munch on MC every now and then, i had that feeling before…besides, you said it yourself on the video you posted, “i’ve gained two kilos, and im going to run to burn them off”…i think you ate majboos laham or something…whats the difference about majboos laham and eating MC? I swear that i learnt this thing from this club, is that i could eat whatever i want, in what ever quantity i desire, but i have arranged this 1.5 hours a day, to jog and burn what i ate the other day, and thats what satisfies me, i eat whatever i want, not denying the fact that i’m actually craving the food, and staying healthy. I say go ahead, and you know how to loose it off sooner or later, make sure they record you in Guiness Book of Records first. haha. Take care man, i miss the club, im on vacation…and still doing my daily jog…bye!

    Download: Kate Nash-Foundations.

    Abadi, where in the world are you? we all miss you too! you better have a t-shirt with you and take pics for our around the world page! hope to see you in Kuwait soon little bro.

  10. farah.s says:

    Hi, i think you should go for it and enjoy it as much as you can coz you need to spoil ur self every now and then . have it as lunch so u wont be ploated at night , or have it as a free meal after a stirct diet plan .
    actually i had one my self last friday and i started my diet right after that day again so you wont feel guilty .
    bel3afyaaa 🙂

    i think i will, sooner than u think 😛

  11. shadow says:

    i think im so late to telling u that , but here it is anyway :


    Junior Burger: 8.1 gms of fat
    Cheese Burger: 12.0 gms of fat
    Filet o fish: 15.7 gms of fat
    McChicken: 21.8 gms of fat
    Big Mac: 24.6 gms of fat
    Quarter Pounder: 28.7 gms of fat
    McFeast Deluxe: 32.4 gms of fat
    McNuggets: 3 gms of fat each. (You wouldn’t think such a little thing was capable of carrying so much fat, would you?)
    Mustard sauce portion: 3.5 g s of fat
    Small Fries: 15.6 gms of fat
    Medium Fries: 22.1 gms of fat
    Large Fries: 28.5 gms of fat
    Large Chocolate shake: 13.1 gms of fat
    Sausage McMuffin: 16.2 gms of fat
    Sausage McMuffin and Egg: 21.7 gms of fat (funny, I never knew one egg had 5.5 grams of fat in it…)
    Hotcakes and syrup: 14.2 gms of fat
    Big Breakfast: 31.3 gms of fat

    hmmm i’m definatley not going there again.

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