Pecks !


Ever since my weight loss i have hated the sight of my pecks (chest if you will). if you see me at the gym i always have to incorporate a chest workout. Today after not having been to the gym in quiet a while i felt really good. The minute things got kicking into gear i felt like my chest was tight again, my posture was perfect and my confidence, well as always 🙂

 I encourage you all to incorporate a little bit of weight lifting into your daily routine or weekly routine. It just makes things much better.

Oh by the way that in the picture is not me, i sometimes wish it was 😛

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2 Responses to Pecks !

  1. Blue dress says:

    One word that i keep saying, STRETCH thats VERY good for you peck 3alla qoltik

    Hehehe okay i’ll take your word for it.

  2. dude stop being so freakin hard on yourself,just take a look back few years ago and compare the before and after,you have achived soooooooo much, I know lots of people will thank god if there body looked like yours after all the weight loss,hell my pecks(tits) reach all the way to me knees lol hehe,plastic surguryis always another way to go about it lol
    JZ your good the way you r keep up the good work brotha

    that comment made me laugh harder than any other comment !!! ahahahahaha thanks uncle neeelz, don’t worry though nothing a nice suit won’t cover especially when your playing the 100 limit tables (blackjack) at belagio, or in your case the dump “Mandalay Bay” hehehe just teasing

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