I’m Lovin’ Ronald


After years, around 3 or 4, of not having a McDonalds meal and practically thinking and toying with the idea fo such a long time, today was the day. Neil, Calvin and I all went to the McDonalds on the gulf coast and i had my first meal in such a long time. I did however run today, alot, Calvin & I went for a nice long before our McD’s escapade.

dsc00185.jpgdsc00190.jpg A little guilt offcouse – counting the calories.

Here is the verdict: I did not enjoy the meal honestly, the burger was blah. I’d rather have a good burger at Johnny Rockets or maybe the Burger Hub or the like. The fries are good as always but not worth the many calories that came with it.

Would i go back there again? Probably not. I didn’t enjoy it, honestly.

I did however prove to myself this, that really i can do anything i want if i put my head to it. McDonalds didnt prove that to me, i just made a promise to myself i wouldn’t go there, and i didn’t for a long time. I’m happy this chapter is behind me, now i can look forward to: Original Cheesecake from The Cheese Cake Factory.

Roland Rocks !


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15 Responses to I’m Lovin’ Ronald

  1. Noor Jafar says:

    Haha 3ad I bought u a tshirt its got the Mcdonalds logo and it says McShit ;p

  2. Calvin says:

    Nooooro …… do they have McChapathi for me ?heheheh Jasooom …….. Cant stop …wont stop
    !!! eheheh e

    McChapathi would be the bomb

  3. Noor Jafar says:

    Hehehe i dont think so babe ;P

  4. Maze says:

    sa7teinnnnn….at last u went ya3ni..:p

    3a albak

  5. six k members ,
    I would like to say some,they made me do it lol,
    but I did enjoy my new arabia chicken sandwich and the fries were the bomb as usual,

    they made u do it !! oh man you drove the car 😛

  6. mc arabia is the best man!!! i think its the lightest of them all bs its damn good too!! ;p thank god u guys push it behind u! i hope i can too ;p i have to!

    Hold on to your horses dude! where the hell where you we waited and waited and waited for you 😛

  7. shosho says:

    mmmm… wallah me 2 loooooooooooong time i did not eat MC. 😦 i waish i can eat but am afried .. my frined used to live in UK when she visited me here, she refuses to eat from Mc here in Q8.. so i don’t blame here

    I can see why 😉

  8. Saud I know we were going to be best friends, we have the same taste in food lol dawag
    PS as far as yesterday your full of sh—– for saying that you were waiting on us for a long time, maybe you were at the wrong Mc D LOCATION HEHEHE,luv you bro

  9. Nawaf Alali says:

    Have you read the book “The Secret” ?

    Not yet, i have heard mixed reviews though? i’m sure you’ve got an opinion on the book, do share?

  10. Blue dress says:

    I havent eaten MC for almost a year noW
    Yahoo.. and i will not anytime soon.

    Its exactly like the pringle slogan once you popo you dont stop.

    hehehe hilarious!

  11. chikapappi says:

    Blue, we so gotta walk, wince we now KNOW that there are women 😀

    Nawaf, The secret is not a new “secret” = I didn’t like it o it didn’t add anything new to what I already know; Hoax to sell & get money

  12. Blue dress says:

    Oh my god. i meant POP but that was funny hahaha

  13. anonymac says:

    mmm… McDonalds!

  14. awash says:

    mmmmmmm this is my best fastfood resturant !! mcdonalds Especially Spicy meaL ym ym !! i hope I can say the same thing too about not going there ! but I feet takes me there !! lol the tartar is amazing with the hot fresh fries Emmm Im really getting hungry now 🙂

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