Salute to all my sisters


I never took a look back on how important just the fact that in our club many of our fellows sisters join us on our weekly walks.

A days ago i recieved an email from someone who was very much so interested in the group and couldn’t come because she thought the club did not include many girls and thought that it was predominantley guys that walked, which is not true.

In the six-k club over the time i have gotten to meet many girls and woman of older age who enjoyed the atmosphere who actually were more comftorable walking with us than if they were walking alone or with one of their friends.

This is my quick thank you to all of you who have walked with us and wish to in the near future:

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart first of all for supporting the group and it’s cause and i thank you secondly and forever for putting your footprint in showing all of the world that here in Kuwait we can have a loving, supporting, respectable, caring group that does not have to be segregated.

Your courage and leadership, trust me, have been the number one factor in bringing many girls out of their homes to come walk with us and change their lifestyles to a happier and healthier one.

I know you all are out of town on holidays’ and the like, but i plea with you, please let’s get back to the days where there were 30 of us or 40 of us walking in a group, bring your friends, your pets, your neighbours anyone you want and let’s all loose the weight 1 foot step at a time.

Thank you, Merci, Gracias, Shokran.

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3 Responses to Salute to all my sisters

  1. albusairi says:

    Hey jassem,

    missed u and i missed 6k group ..

    and this is a messag to the shy girl, or anyone who’s shy to come –> hey my name is Delal and i usually walk with the group ;p

    currently am on holiday outside Kuwait

    to talk about my experince, when i first joined the group i knew no one but Ali G, and i thought to myself GOD i’m a shy person, it will feel awkward seems like most of them are guys ..

    but on the contrary, it was a fun walk, people are friendly (girls and boys), Ali G carries a backpack with speakers attaching an ipod and we will be listenin to good music (most of the times)

    to walk with a group is way better than walkin alone, because you’ll recieve encourgment ..and a positive point –> some people choose to run, walk slowly, or fast .
    so u will NEVER walk alone ! or feel like left behind because u r slow ..

    see ya,

    You got my vote D you rock thanks alot .. we all miss you tooo !

  2. always breaking new grounds JZ, awsome topic to post on the 6 k network my brother
    YA DALOLA have a gry8 vaction, hope 2 c u soon

    glad you liked it, your coming today ?

  3. Asoosiii says:

    let’s get back to the days where there were 30 of us or 40 of us walking in a group, bring your friends, your pets, your neighbours anyone you want
    <<<<<<<<<< I must join u one day inchallah if I visit Kuwait 😀 I would be very happy wallahi this idea is marra 7maaaaaaas and fallah
    My slams to this great club From jeddah Ksa 🙂

    Thank you asoosii !

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