The Arizona Connection


Today i got in touch with an old friend from Arizona, and she offered this.

To have a Six-K Chapter in Arizona, where people can get together and walk and offcours wear our t-shirts and spread the word around. I have had offers to do something similiar in different places before but never took it seriously but becky was a different case. She has been reading the site and really has been very much excited about trying to help people in Arizona like we have and continue to in Kuwait.

Becky, this is my message to you:

I hold you directly responsible for this club that i love. You have my and everyone here in Kuwait’s support and love to all of you in Arizona and hopefully abroad. Let us know what you guys need and it will be there asap. Please do update us on everything you guys do, share photos and news and maybe we can one day all meet half way and have a huge Six-K gathering. I am VERY excited.

My Six-K members, your dedication and spirit goes far beyond borders and i hope that this and what might come next will prove to you that you are not only hero’s in my eyes but truly a breed from a different kind. I love you all, becky thanks a million !


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7 Responses to The Arizona Connection

  1. Becki says:

    Thanks Jase for everything I promise we will make you proud its only day one and I already have 15 people who are walking with us!!! How great is that! Well I will be keeping in contact and informing you of all of our activities! I will take a ton of pictures and send them for everyone to see our motivation!!! Thanks once again.


    I can’t wait to come out there and join you guys! say Hello to everyone.

  2. Maze says:

    we love u too Jassoom…and the idea is great…hope ir will work out good..TC man

    Miss you Mazooz.


    thanks buddy

  4. Abdullah Al Khudhairi says:

    i like the idea of going way abroad…intriguing.
    Congrats Jasoom bro, i am extremely proud of your progress and your acheivements! it really does inspire me! hope we could all unite one day! Congrats again! Take care buddy…bye..

    Download:- Again and Agian-The Bird and The Bee.

    thank you bol 3obood 😛 you should be the DJ

  5. Maha says:

    I’m in phoenix …and i’m in

    Awesome, i’ll put up the schedules for Phoenix once i get them from Becky

  6. Hetaf says:

    A great success story…. Well done guys 🙂

    Cousin ! thank you

  7. Becki says:

    Schedules are up cant wait to get this started! Thanks to everyone for their support!

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