September 23 2007

Hmmmmmmmmmm all the people that voted before, where are you? 😛

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4 Responses to September 23 2007

  1. Jassem why dont you make sunday before f6oor and tuesday after f6oor ?

    Honesty 101: mali kholg amshi after fotoor

  2. shaima says:

    jaseeeeeem I finshed my work @ 5 pm 😦 ana this week :S te3leeeg inshalah next week m3akom 🙂 for the first time since i joined mailing list 😛

  3. Ali G says:

    I was just leaving the house to come to you guys but then the rents asked me to run errands since they decided to have people over for fu6oor!

  4. fara7 says:

    sorry, i wanted to come Lyom o nmt enshallah on tuesday akeeeed 🙂

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