Dear all.


Life has always got to move on, but this time it’ll take a while. A few days back I parted ways with a close friend, not because of anything bad, but because it was time for him to be with his family. He was my friend, my confidante, my advisor he was to me and still is a dear and close friend.


Neilo as some of you might call him, Neil, grandpa or anything else has entered each and everyone ones heart in ways that weren’t before possible. We all met this humble and sweet guy who really cared and you never felt like he didn’t. He listened to all our problems and laughed with us when we did. He was the life of the party and will always be the life of every party.


Neil, you are thousands of miles away but you need to know that your place here will never be replaced. Everyone and I mean everyone at the six-k club and beyond miss you like hell and can only wait for the day you come back and visit us again. Thank you for all the laughs the good times and the bad (even though there were none). We all do miss you a lot but I know deep in my heart we will meet again my friend.


Viva Las Vegas.

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  1. MAZE says:

    he will be missed …although i didnt have the chance to know him more…but he entered our hearts…dude laish ma sawayna farewell gathering for him..??

  2. indeeed ALOOOOOOOOOOT!! great uncle great friend!!! 😀 meet u soon inshalla!!!

  3. farah.s says:

    Neil 🙂 First hand shaked at the 6k club , i was approaching when he turned his head towards me and said hi i am Neil .
    His smile was welcoming me to this great club and start comunicating with me to make me feel comfortable , a sweet person that we all going to miss alot , wish him all the best and see u soon .

  4. Ali Al-Rayes says:

    eee wallah we will miss him alooooooot 7ada he’s the best wallah
    inshalah enshoofa next time :>

  5. Ali G says:

    He will be missed and we will always think about him! We will reminisce the times we had him around especially that time we went on the trip! 😉

  6. fahad alajeel says:

    we will miss him

  7. neil alexander kallabat says:

    hey JZ
    Wallah I am speechles about your note to me,I will tell you this ,I was in kuwait for almost 2 years and I didnt start enjoying my stay there till I met you and became a member OF THE 6 K .
    ur one of the best people I have met while in kuwaity and hell in all all of my life ,I dont have to tell what i think about you, because you know how I feel about you already,cheers to you and your family bud .
    CALOO my little bro your right up there with Jasoom,love you and was very pleased to meet your family ,Haya darling I loved walking with you your so cool, Halmee, I loved our intersting chats,Sara your a very delightfull person,ALI G YOU CRACK ME UP BRO I luv ur personalty your so crazy and dont act like regular Q80s yet your family happen to be one the most famous in q8, Fahid ur out of control man ur so full of energy i envy ur ass oops,
    Dalal, your too nice and i wish you a very pleasent future ,Ranoosh thank you for inviting me to the charity gala i had lots of fun your too sweet i wish you a very happy life ,Saud ma minnie me your my other side of the mirror man , i luv you and take that all the way to bank, Mazoon your one of the coolest hippest people to be around with sorry i didnt spend more time with you , Ali R I will miss you too bro, ABUD ALRAZAAQ great picture and awsome dude man ,Abedallah, i will miss chatting with you and hope your convence your family to study in US or somewhere else,Yousif your one of the smartest guys I have ever met while in kuwait great mind and opinons as well , Farah your the new face of women in q8 ur a mother ,business women and a single mother ,I so very proud of you you pull it all with so much class i am honored that I met someone like you ,noof and everyone else I will forever miss you guys and rest assure if i am ever there again i will look you up and please email me and let me know if your ever coming to the states, because were freinds 4 life mo

  8. hey neil we will be missed for sure .. and thanks for the nice words !! u will be always one of my best friends !!

  9. albusairi says:

    Hey Neil,
    i knew u were leavin, bs why did u leave all of the sudden without sayin goodbye .. although i hate good byes ;p
    anyhow u r missed already. wallah u r such a sweatheart, good listner, helpful and honest, was really pleasure meeting u.

    wish u all the best, o please stay in touch 🙂

  10. NOUF HASSAN says:

    hey neil …. its a great loss that ur leaving … ur gonna be missed greatly …. ill never forget that day u msged it meant a great deal ..it made my day …. ill never forget u
    hope 2 c u one day =)

  11. neilalexander kallabat says:

    hey guys wallah that is more than i could handle, all of you guys have been and still beyond nice , i think and care about all of you a great deal, my email is neilkallabat @yahoo.com but you may email me at six k page so we could reach the 100.000 soon inshallah . maybe jasim will fly me in for the big party lol
    i wish all of you the best always
    luv all of you and miss u like crazy
    keep up the good works kids


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