Eidkum Mbarak !

To all my friends, I wish you a happy Eid, “3eekom imbarak o Kel 3am Wintaw Ib Khair Inshalla”

I hope your all ready for a new & more exciting Six-K … Updates are on the way 🙂

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5 Responses to Eidkum Mbarak !

  1. Amethyst says:

    Ayamek Sa3eeda, Wenta Bkhair:)

  2. chikapappi says:

    Kel 3am o enta bkheir Jassem & the rest of you 🙂

  3. ayamek sa3eda wo ent b9e7a wo slama 😉

  4. fara7 says:


    YALLAAAAAAAAAAAAAH we need a walk :@

  5. Ali Al-Rayes says:

    ayaamik sa3eedda inshalah ma3ani met’akher 😛
    i;m comming to q8 bacher 😛 inshalah

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