I have a question.

Yesterday this is what i did.

 I drove back from work around 4:30 reached at 4:50 ran in the house barely said Hi to my mom who just got back from Lebanon, ran out, I had to rush through traffic to get to the parking lott, and it was a No-Show.

 My question is: where is everyone? the people that vote? the people that have comments and opinions? where are you guys? get up off your couch’s and come walk the weather is beautiful.

Guys there will be no more votes, next week we might just meet once. I’ll keep you posted.

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10 Responses to I have a question.

  1. Calvin says:

    Amen…..Jasem i did the same and picked up water and ice on the way …..everyone that votes and says they are gna be there ……. where is every1 ?…… during ramadan as well !! timings ? we changed that !! Days …we changed that !! no weekends …..weekdays !!! we listen to all our members !!!! now i guess the question is……… what are we doing wrong ???????

  2. chikapappi says:

    Jassem… may I suggest something? Can you change the timing? We finish work at 4:30 too – till I reach home pray & change- leave South Surra to get to Gulf Road, I’ll be late & would miss you guys!!

    Can you do something about that?! & why not Monday & Wednesday?

  3. sorry i have tests 😦 i cant come !!

  4. albusairi says:

    sunday i had to pick my mom from the airport at 5:00..
    tuesday i had to stay late for work since i went to work late ( flexible hours thing )

    i apologize, promise will be there next time

  5. i had to but some last minute things for my trip, iam off 2morow :s sorry 😦

  6. MAZE says:

    u were in lebanon and didnt call me?????

    who me?

  7. MAZE says:


  8. Zo0Z says:

    I showed up both timeZ and I really had fun with Jasom and Calvin … eljaw 3ajeeeeeeeb o 7adah wanasah … 7aRRaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaH :p

  9. farah.s says:

    jasem and kalvin , sorry to know that . but i am fasting the left over days 🙂 so i cant be there at 5:30 . is there any walk today at 5:30 pm ? what do u mean by once a week ?

  10. abo fahad says:

    hello mr jasem i want to join to your team
    im 117 kg
    168 cm

    i cant control my weight be my self
    i need help to push my to walk with group


    Hi, it would be best if you can send me an email and answer the questions and we will take it from there.

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