November. 6. 2007




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7 Responses to November. 6. 2007

  1. Fawaz M. Al Shammari says:

    Jassem,I can’t come today ! ;/ I have ANOTHER mid-term .. from 5;30-7;00 .. About the cards .. give them to Fahad if he shows up ?

    No problem. good luck with your test.

  2. neil kallabat says:

    good job guys, caloo I see you car but I didnt see you,HUMMMM
    Jasoom,yousif u guys looking thinner to me sine I left good job keep it up , dalal- farrah ,both of you look great

    Mokanik khali ya Neilo.

  3. Calvin says:

    I am the artist and the pictures are my art …….to much running around that day ……

  4. albusairi says:

    neil missin u wallah .. oo thankss :*

  5. farah.s says:

    Thanx Neil 🙂 and thank you calvin for running arround and taking such good pictures :p take care and c u soon guys we really had a very good time .

  6. Heba says:

    hii there, i just join the club and i want to ask about the activites & how do u meet for walking

    If you registered to our mailing list you will recieve an email telling you when & where. 🙂

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