The 50 K Run

Starting yesterday i decided that i would run 50 kilometers before my appearance on Alwatan TV. I’ve gained a few Kilo’s lately go figure i guess this all got to my head, so i’ve decided to change a few things, namley eating out almost daily and eating at work.

November 10 2007: I ran 12 Kilos

November 11 2007: I ran 7 Kilos

November 12 2007: I ran 6 Kilos – It’s getting tough, my knees are killing me & my foot is (ouch)

November 13 2007: I walked 6 Kilos – (Six-K)

November 14 2007: I didn’t walk today 😦  – very very sick.

I’ll keep updating this, it’s getting tough guys ! i’m dead tired.

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4 Responses to The 50 K Run

  1. Maze says:

    u loook great…dont stress urself!

    Thanks buddy !! how was marina yesterday?

  2. farah.s says:

    U take care brother 🙂

    thanks see you when i get back inshalla 😀

  3. MAZE says:

    who told u i was there..??

    you were walking so fast like there was a fire or something, i was sitting away from you, at Kei.

  4. shadow says:

    thats a nice project ur working on
    a friend told me about ur site so i payed a visit

    sheedo 7eleekom and keep up the good work

    thanks jasem.

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