Al Watan TV

I hpoe you all saw it, thanks for all the kind emails, sms’s and phone calls ! you guys are the reason why there is a six-k to begin with. i love u all and without you nothing, and i mean nothing, is possible !


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11 Responses to Al Watan TV

  1. Ali Al-Rayes says:

    yaaah and u look greaaaaaaaaaaaat wallah
    yalla bil tawfeej :>
    we are with u till the end inshalah :>

    Thanks my friend!!!

  2. ZoOZ MaRaFie says:

    GosH u were great.. and u made us “6K” look even better.. i’m so glad i joined u guyz.. JZ tra maly sheghel lazem ayee elmarah elyayah ra7 ashofly one way or another to join.. 5ala9 i’m not walking alone no more 😉

    I never made anything look great, i just helped organize it, it was all you guys ! walla you are the best 🙂 you will inshalla come & walk with us every single time!

  3. shaima says:

    am proud of you although i never walk with u :S anyway i should also find a day to join u soon 😉 lo t’7leha Monday @ least i can join

    shaima, inshalla one day you’ll be able too.

  4. abdullah says:

    أنا عبدالله من الكويت أحب المشي لعدة أسباب مفيده وهي:
    1-جعل الحاله النفسيه بحاله جيده
    2-يجعل الجسم متناسق ومشدود ويخفض الوزن
    3-يقي من الأمراض لأن المشي علاج مجاني

    أريد أن أمشي لأني لا أجد أحد يشجعني، أمشي أسبوع أو أسبوعين وأمل أو الجو مايساعد موبس لأنه حر لأن مرات يكون الجو غبار أو ممطر وعلماً أنا وزني 85كيلو

    مع تحياتي وشكراً

    Please follow the procedures to join the club, thanks for your interest abdullah! mashkoor.

  5. Fawaz M. Al Shammari says:

    You were GREAT ! Seriously,you looked good,you were confident.. and you got to the point ;D .. ! You really explained what 6k was about ;D .. i was so proud to be part of 6k infront of my family ! GO 6k !

    Fawaz !! buddy thanks so much 7abeebi keep up the good work you look awesome.

  6. Maze says:

    Good Luck man with everything u do….glad to see u today!

  7. seriously Jassem u were GREAT !!

    Thanks razzag !

  8. anwaar says:

    mashala 3alaik oo alllah ewafqik 🙂 oo el fal lenaaaa

    thanks u anwaar.

  9. your dad says:

    I am sorry I did not have a chance to see it as I was traveling,but I am sure and confident that you were great because I know your capabilities.Please send me the CD.

    Papa its on the way i love you.

  10. مريم says:

    انا الصراحه احب الرياضه بشكل عام والمشي بشكل خاص بس للأسف بعد ما توظفت في قطاع الخاص اي الدوام على فترتين ,
    بصراحه حابه اشارككم هذه الرياضه بهدف اللياقه , وزني حاليا 54 وطولي 158

    No problem maryam, send us an email with your details and we will take it from there.

  11. عباس says:

    انا الصراحه موعرف انزل وزني وحبيت اشارككم

    abas, please send us an email with your details to register.

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