Part 2 – During

One day in college I was walking and I was hating myself, I mean really hating myself. It was hot and sticky, I was wearing my custom made jeans and my qurta shirt. I was sweating, I was hot, the gel from my hair was melting, my thighs where rubbing together and I wanted to vanish, I really did. I remember walking down college path with tall California palm trees high on each side, it was to everyone out there, a perfect day. In front of me were these two people that I can only see from far. The guy had the body of an athlete he was a jock, wearing a tank top and shorts, his hair was naturally made, and I thought to myself why can’t I be that. His girlfriend was the hottest thing alive, she had a body to die for, blonde, tanned and fit, gorgeous as ever they walked down so comfortable in their own skin and here I was ready to rip myself to pieces. I ditched class, walked fast to my car and broke down in tears. I sat there thinking to myself is this it, is this how I want to live for the rest of my life?

I started to drive aimlessly towards, nowhere. In front of me I see the place where I would call my second home, Bally’s Total Fitness gym. I walked in and asked to see the manager, we talked for a few minutes before he started to sell me the idea of buying a membership which I took with personal training for 10 sessions, the price was high, I think in the 700’s. I had to call my dad and ask for money, I didn’t have it at that point. I remember calling my dad and beginning to tell him how I really wanted to lose weight and that I never wanted to be fat again, he at first was hesitant thinking that I was just pulling one of my moves. I normally went on diets and joined gym’s but with no affect. He agreed, wired the money, and I took the summer off.

At that point in my life I was very lonely, I really was. I didn’t have friends and I mean it, I had at that time a falling out with all my Kuwaiti friends there in Arizona, and I literally was all alone. I remember once just falling apart on the phone telling my mom that I was so lonely and that I had no one, and if god forbid I was to die in my sleep no one would know about me. I was a mess.

I decided to read a lot about healthy eating and healthy lifestyles which will guide me through my journey. I purchased my first grill from Wal-Mart for 14.99 a small single portion grill, with two bags of coal. I also picked up some matches and bbq fluid.

My first day was very very hard. I left the house late at night so that people would not see me while I ran down the street. I thought that it would make people pick on me and laugh at me. I took my first step and quickly realized that I was not going to run. My knees were about to buckle. I was in so much pain. I slowly began to run and walk, I would run two steps and walk 100.

My schedule later progressed to this regiment, I would wake up very early in the morning around 6 or 7, go for a run about 3 miles (approximately 5 kilometers) and come home. I would shower and relax while I had breakfast. Then I would head to the gym where I had training with my friend Scott Bird, someone who if I am able to track down one day I would not know how to thank. We would do some cardio along with circuit training and some weight lifting. Then I would work on some cardiovascular activities for one hour and head home.

At home I relaxed, watched a movie or TV. and had lunch, my grilled chicken with a nice salad. I would by then basically relax till about 7 or 8 at night before I went for my final run, again for 3 miles.

Life was boring and it was a challenge, it was hard and lonely, but I was determined and very disciplined. I did not phase for a bit, I never ever went off course and I always worked out more and never less.

While I was slowly loosing the weight I had to constantly reduce the size of my cloths, I would re-size them and never buy new ones because I knew I would one day reach my lowest and then it would be my day.

Well that day came, I was a size 34 (from a 46) I was down to 195 lbs (from 335 lbs), I got in my car and had 4 months of saved up money about 20,000 U.S. dollars headed to my dream town, the place where I envied everyone who walked in, the place I would spend many hard earned (papa’s) money, Neiman Marcus.

I opened the door and could smell the fresh clean air blowing in my face, I could see the racks of cloths, the people the glitz and the men’s section. Headed towards who would later become a personal shopper for me and a friend, Gorge (Hoar-hay pronounced, he was Mexican)

Hello I said …

He said Hi my name is Gorge, how may I help you?

I said …

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11 Responses to Part 2 – During

  1. marooma el ba6ah says:

    im smiling and wanna cry in the same time,

    what a determination mashallah keep telling th rest ur encouraging me aloottttt

    thanks marooma but again i have to edit ur name 😛

  2. Ghalia says:

    can’t wait for the next part wohooo!!;D

  3. marooma el ba6ah says:

    hehehe 🙂 be my guest i need the change and the name is the proof

  4. Maze says:

    can u stop this teaser ….damn i’m soooooo eager to know the rest…:)

  5. salem says:

    salam….eb9ara7ah what u did to ur self is amazing i wish i can to do the same…i lost 48 kilos in 2004 i was 149 kilos…then i quit smoking, since that day i gain 53 kilos…which means im in hell…im 34 years old and im thinking to join ur club since i watch u on alwatan t.v. but im not sure if i can or not or if im qualifying to join ur beutiful club…who knows..god knows…keeb the good working man and i wish u all the best..

    Offcourse you can !

  6. neil kallabat says:

    Hi Jasoom
    I am so happy and proud of you in the same time, since you finaly decided to tell all,this will do your mind and soul lots of good,and it will help others with their courge and selfesteem as well . beside it will help you to cleanse your mind from all the sad,lonly,ugly times, dont you dare and put the pen down,like I told you before sharing is carring,so keep on writting.
    for all the readers of JZ dear diary I bet part three will start by JZ saying to Gorge the salesman .” Gorge stop what ever your doing,its safe to say today will be your lucky day” lol
    love you babbaty

    hehehe dooodaki kbeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer!

  7. farah.s says:

    An inspiration for all of us , yesterday i couldnt complete the story coz of my tears 🙂 but i did , i know it was a very hard work to complete . As i said b4 i am soo proud of u brother and we all love u 🙂

    Love u too hon! thanks for everything.

  8. Ali Al-Rayes says:

    i just finished reading the whole two parts
    walla ekhnegatni el 3abra o dma3at 3aini
    keep going jassim you’re inspiring alot of ppl wallah
    sij sij i’m happy for u
    oo inshalah el qadem a3tham :>

    Thanks wawy

  9. tota says:

    U r great …. why ? le2anek 3a6etny daf3a ma3naweya kbeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeera

    thx alot 🙂

  10. Enigma says:

    very inspiring 🙂 you should publish this

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