Friday Breakfast.


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6 Responses to Friday Breakfast.

  1. Maze says:

    it was fun…ba3den where r the remaining pics…:S

  2. ZoOZ MaRaFie says:

    the weather was amazing and the company was great .. fawaz and maze .. it was lovely knowing u guyz …

  3. neil kallabat says:

    damn I wish I was there.
    Everyone looks great, Farah $ million smile,beside The PQ was one of my favarote places to hangouts at While In kuwait it was my second home,and you know it JZ,GREAT BREAKFAST,SOUPS,SALADS.
    Bravoooo 6k keep up the good Work gang,wassup calo, WASSUP BO SARA MAZOON where R U man ?

    I wish you were there Neilo wala i wish!

  4. MAZE says:

    hey …me too Zooz it was nice meeting you…Neil i miss u so much man…take care

  5. Refreshing pic look’s like you had a blast that day walking, enjoying the weather. wedii weediii I join But I’m not a morning person.

    I can’t make out who you are, but i’m glad you had fun 😛

  6. farah.s says:

    Miss u nielo 🙂 It was great time , we all wish u were there .

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