Sorry i wasn’t able to be there but i heard you had a blast and it was freezing! I’ll have my guy work on some 6k sweaters 😉

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8 Responses to Freeeeeeeeeezing!

  1. Ali G says:

    Sweaters are needed and yes we still had fun! Only 5 of us actually walked the whole distance! Maybe 6!

  2. shosho says:

    Guys it was more than freezing if available .. ya nas I wana walk with u if can you make it Monday & Tuesday but not Sunday 6b3an or Thursday. I wish to join u

    Does Friday work?

  3. alfailakawi says:

    la la la calvin ma etf8na chthy 3ad wana arb6 my shoes @@


    7da freeeezing kan brd:\

    bs wen bajy alshbab in the group

    lish bs 13 in the group :@
    we should be more :\

    alzra3y miss u tra see u next Tuesday:D

    Miss you too, inshalla i will be there next time we meet. I think we also need to re-think our walking schedule, i’ll keep everyone posted.

  4. ZoOZ MaRaFie says:

    I CAMEEE .. i did but couldn’t catch up with u guyz coz this time doesn’t work for me anymore .. i finish work at 5.30 so i’ll never be able to make it ontime .. akser el5a6er meshait bro7y o bdon jacket 7ada brdddddd LoL … JZ PLZZZZ TRY TO ARRANGE SOME OTHER DAY … miss ya all

    I will think of something new. 😛

  5. Amethyst says:

    J, I want the cards! Give to Fawaz! *cries*

    Inshalla i will 😀

  6. shaima says:

    yes if u do it on Friday I’ll come 4 sure

  7. Ali says:

    hey guys

    nice pic’s, but i didn’t receive an e_mail 😦
    i’m a new member
    & i hope to join next time

    Good Luck 4 all

  8. readmyblog says:

    Dear Six-K Photographer (in most cases its Calvin :-P)

    Please change the setting to reduce the red eye effect.

    Thanking you in advance.


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