Sorry for not coming today, actually guys i was there since 4:30 walking but then disaster, i felt dizzy and my head starting to turn and i had to quickly go home. I’m better now, i can the cold air got to me. I’ll be seeing you all this Friday, breakfast will be announced soon & pictures will be updated. Sorry again.

Luv u all.


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6 Responses to Today

  1. farah.s says:

    Salamat brother šŸ™‚ hope u feel well soon , take care and c u on friday .

  2. ZoOZ MaRaFie says:

    salamat JZ matshoof shar …
    wear heavier next time bro …
    cyaa on Friday enshallah …

    El Shar mayeech

  3. alfailakawi says:

    nice šŸ˜›

    nice weather o nice shbab
    bs nag9 jassem šŸ˜€

    oO calvin mo mg9r with us šŸ˜€

    but i can’t zoom the picture

    I’ll be there next time guys ! thanks Caloo.

  4. 7yranaa says:

    hi Jz how r u hop ur fine now, we really missed u @ the walk, thenk u for every thing. keep the good spirit.

    inshalla i’ll be seeing you soon soon soon!

  5. alfailakawi says:

    their r problem in picture

    we can zoom it šŸ˜€

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