Good Morning

I would like to share with you this morning my thoughts, I have gained weight and it’s bothering me. So this is what i decided to do, starting TODAY, i’m running every-single-day. If i have to go do it at 12:00 at night because i’m too busy during the day then i’ll do that, i don’t care what i need to do, i’m not living like this anymore.

The doctor’s visit was interesting, we probably have the worst MRI  machine in Kuwait! The doc. seems to think that i have an infection in my tendon and i’m being medicated for that. I’m going back to SAS i think, C-Club is getting on my nerves, Corniche is too (no offense to my leb friends) but you guys know what i mean, so i guess i’m going going back back to S-A-S.

 I need all the support, thanks you guys!

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