This is just NOT RIGHT :@



There is no excuse to this, his parents need to be thrown in Jail for neglect and the child protective services need to come out ASAP. This is really disturbing!

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8 Responses to This is just NOT RIGHT :@

  1. chikapappi says:


    v. bad.

  2. thats sad!
    cute baby tho

    v. cute.

  3. Dana says:

    wooow! what do they feed him? He’s a baby, still young, is that all from milk 😐 he can’t be naturally that big ;/ walla 7aram BUT he has the cutest cheeks in the world

    he’s like “a thmall liwttle mouth”

  4. Afrah Fara7 says:

    Ymken he was born cthey :S

    If he was born chethy i would hate to know what his mother felt when this monster came out of her, he DEFINITELY was not born like this.

  5. Blue Dress says:

    I know some people who say its veeryy cute!
    Totally not!

  6. Dana says:

    a SMALL ickle moussssse!! i think we need to rephrase a little ;P

    It’s two N’s

  7. mooony says:

    7araaaaam …shakla yaksir el5a6eeer bs el looom mo 3alay 3ala ahala … 😦

  8. Fa66ooma says:

    well it’s definitely not his parents’ fault.. having a few monthes old baby this big, is most probably due to a disturbance of his body hormones.. in other words, its over production of the natural cortisone in our bodies…

    it’s jst an opinion of a future doctor 🙂

    No doctor should diagnose ANYONE based on a few photos,
    it’s just an opinoin of a future patient 🙂

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