It is very cold out there, i didn’t think we were going to see a real winter this year but guess what, here we are and it’s colder than ever. I can’t even feel my toes as we speak! I urge you all to make sure that you stretch alot before you go out for a walk or run and make sure that you do wear alot of warm cloths, do not push yourself and make sure you “listen” to your body. If anything aches stop! re-think what your doing and how. Take care & i’ll be seeing you all soon, inshallah.

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1 Response to Freezing

  1. farah.s says:

    E Wallah , i was thinking of not walking during this winter , its freezing as u said and its soo easy to catch a cold or flu .
    So ill try to find the warmest clothes ever just to walk with u guys .
    take care 🙂

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