22 Kilometer Walk

I was asked by a group of walkers who are organizing a long distance walk (from Scientific Center to KPC at the end of Gulf Road) which is aproximatley 22 Kilo’s i’m going to join and i hope you all join too! It should be tons of fun. We are stopping at LeNotre for a bathroom break … Please sign up with your name & phone number in an email to the6kclub@gmail.com

January 12 2008

8:30 a.m. Sharp – Scientific Center Parking.

Thanks guys!

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8 Responses to 22 Kilometer Walk

  1. G.T. says:

    LoRD ..!!

    22 KiLo’s .. i think i will drop down just after maximum 7 kilometers .. and with the weight i am .. who’s ganna carry me off the ground ..

    I WiSH aLL oF U GooD LuCK 😉

  2. AnA says:

    could you please mention the date and the time… i am in :>

  3. MuChaCha says:

    pwease give us more details…time and date s’il vous plait..

  4. 7yranaa says:

    i like to join, buti need to know when (time & date). it nice to have more exrsz
    thank you Jassem

  5. Ana says:

    Ouch .. Wayed Embacher 😦

  6. dishevelled says:

    I’m still not sure if I can make it or not, can I just show up on the day without signing up?
    And I’m assuming 22 km’s would probably take 4 hours more or less, so how do we get back? Walk another 4 hours?

    it will take 4 hours and then we will get a ride back to our cars

  7. Afrah says:

    ok etha half the way o were tired o mangder enkaml !! shnsaweeee ?

    call the driver.

  8. Afrah says:

    ok 3ayal am in whowwwwwww

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