22 Km Walk – Thank Ali G


2008_01120150-medium.jpg 2008_01120156-medium.jpg 2008_01120151-medium.jpg 2008_01120160-medium.jpg

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5 Responses to 22 Km Walk – Thank Ali G

  1. 7yranaa says:

    Hi all,
    It was soooooooooo glorious yesterday walk, i quit at nearly the end coz if I continued I’d injured my self badly, I have primitive injury. And I’m jealous of the gays’ who continued  thy had this nice pic at the end 😥
    But I really had greeeeeeeeeeeeeat fun and compete my self at least to 2k to the end. 911 that I called picked me up at the Sheraton hotel traffic signal.
    Thank u all at 22K, especially Ali AlGhanim & Khaled (6K jumper).
    Also Astrid, the 22K walk organizer.
    See u next walk hopefully.
    missed u there Jasem & Kalven.

  2. Ali G says:

    Morasilokom fe moqi3 six-k.com!

    Reporting on behalf of six-k.com!

    You’re most welcome!

  3. Alaa says:

    it was great!
    it was really great and challenging 🙂
    I so wanted to complete the whole walk.. but guess 15k wasn’t bad either for my blistered feet 😛
    It was nice to be with you all 🙂 you were a very motivating group

  4. ViP says:

    Really had a great day of fun and competition, walking orderly .. Thank you for all ..

  5. alfailakawi says:

    hi all

    how r u ?

    miss u all

    bs the weather ma ysa3d it was very cold

    enshallah i will walk with u soon :}

    see u :>

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